The new bong adventure...

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    Well today is new bong day :hello::hello:.

    It wasn't that easy getting it though..

    Basically it went like this. I went to a head shop and picked up a bong for $49... As I was driving towards home I was looking at it and I was kind of having buyers remorse. I really didn't like it (It wasn't clear at ALL, it was orange that faded to yellow, kinda girly colors, and it just overall was shittily blown not smooth lots of bubbles, etc.)

    So I was like "Oh well dude you bought it you're not going to go and return it blah blah.."

    So I decided to at least buy a nice slide for it. So I went to this shop near my house that's a bit pricey but I knew they had a good selection of slides.. I go in there, find a slide that matches, buy it, go out to the car, slide it into the female part of my new bong, and it doesn't fit (female piece was oddly shaped a the bottom).. :mad:

    So I get my shit bagged back up, walk back into the store, let him know it didn't fit and asked him if we can try a few stems to find one that does fit. He informs me he's the store manager and he's like "Yeah dude that sucks, let's help you find one that fits". So we started trying slides, none of them fit well, they were all catching on the bottom of the female piece.

    At this point he took the female piece out of my bong, and was trying other slides. He tried one, it almost went all the way thru, then BAM. My female piece was now in 15 pieces in the guys hand. :eek:

    He was like "Holy fuck dude." and i was like "yeah.:rolleyes:"

    So he tries to pull out a female piece from another bong, it was glued in.. So after some trying to get that out, he looks at me and goes "Damn..... Where did you get that bong?"

    I told him.

    "How much did you pay for it?"

    I showed him the price tag.. Told him with tax it came to $53....

    He was like "Okay dude, I'm about to make a return customer for life right now... You see these bongs?" (he pointed to a row on his shelves, all about 5 inches taller than the one i originally had)

    I said "yeah?"

    He said "I want you to pick any one of those out, and I'll take this one off your hands for you"

    I was like "Really dude? You sure?"

    he said "I don't have any female pieces.. go ahead :)"

    They were all $79.99 :)

    CLIFFS: Buy a bong that I'm not really 100% happy with and settle on it because it's the only one that's "okay". I go to buy a slide for it in a different store, the dude breaks my female piece trying to fit a slide in it, and GIVES me an $80 bong as a replacement for my $50 bong that I didn't even like in the first place :hello:

    So as you can see the bowl / bong is a really great matchup.. The other piece in pic number 5 is my spoon.. I just put them all together with a water bottle for size reference in the last picture..

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  2. Dude you got lucky man that is a kick ass story. Funny thing is that I just went to a head shop a few towns over for the first time and I fell in love. But damn that bong is a art piece.
  3. OH, Sorry about the bowl full of shake :(

    I wanted to take pictures of it with a beautiful nugget in there, but I only had 1 bowl worth of shake, and now I'm out :(

    SO I can't even smoke out of my new bong until I get more lol
  4. Haha yeah man tell me about it... I was really regretting spending $50 on such a shitty bong in the first place, then it was like a shining light from heaven.. "OH, you didn't like the bong you bought? WELL MY SON, HAVE THIS ONE THAT COSTS $30 MORE AND APPEALS TO YOUR TASTES BETTER"
  5. Oh my god dude, I fucking love your bong!
  6. Haha hell yeah man! So do I!

    I forgot to mention, this thing FUCKING RIPS..

    I decided to take a decent rip for my first hit, I really milked it and ripped it hard.

    As I inhaled I was like "eh, I didn't even get a good hit" (because I'm so used to the harshness of my spoon that I didn't even feel the smoke)

    Then I blew it out, and watched this fucking MASSIVE cloud come out of my mouth.

    I said to myself "JESUS :D"
  7. Well dudes I've decided to name it Deepwater (in honor of all the animals, plants, and the entire ecosystem we screwed up with the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill)
  8. Getting some beastly headies soon, I should be able to properly break it in =)
  9. awesome story, that piece looks like it can hold its own, probably a lot thicker than the crappy one you had b4

    happy toking!

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