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  1. You put way to much trust in bureaucrats hands GW. Try doing what Tbone recommended and study up on who has been appointed to run the fcc, where they were formerly employed and who really benefits from their government appointed monopolies. If you think Pia is the worst of them you are truly lost.
  2. Wut? Read that post again dude. I agreed with you.
  3. We only agree that big biz is using government i think? I look at this as a way to let free market forces and competition to have more of a factor in what the internet continues to develop into. This is way better than big business in bed with government. Time will tell.
  4. Big biz not only uses the government, they own it. Trust me, these decisions will favor them, not you or me. Time will tell.
  5. net neutrality insures that the big boys stay big and eliminates their biggest threat, competition. If you want to use government to break up AT&T , Verizon, Comcast, and other big companies who were given monopoly rights through legislature than i would probably be on board in some of these cases. But to limit the very thing that has made the internet what it is and what has fueled its rapid growth in freedom is disasterouse in my opinion. The turn back of net neutrality to the way it was ran just a few years ago is not going to do anything but improve our chances as consumers to continue to receive better and better service.
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  6. Yes it will if they satisfy the consumer not the politician. Big biz only gets big through providing a great service or having monopoly rights created by force. Its your choice and you choose a monopoly, it truly saddens me.
  7. It's more like a natural monopoly, like water service or electricity.

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    You know about the purge of cannabis and gun channels on Youtube? Now the ISP's can do that across the entire internet.

    You know about TWT - The Weedtube ? Imagine if the ISP decided to block, throttle, or prioritize the data on that site like youtube did with cannabis and gun channels. That's now legal for ISP's to do.
  9. Can you please explain to me why this favors larger companies? Like logistically what would stopping isp’s from creating fast lanes/slow lanes for internet content do to shut out the little guy. Why is it better for small companies to allow ISP’s to either slow down or speed up their content if they pay more money or don’t pay more money? Do you really think isp’s aren’t going to slow down content that contends with their traditional media sources?
  10. This should sadden you more

    AT&T Wins Approval for $85.4 Billion Time Warner Deal in Defeat for Justice Dept.

    Comcast Offers $65 Billion for 21st Century Fox, Challenging Disney

    Who runs our government again? And you think you're gonna get better "service". Bow down.
  11. Consumers. Will people have to pay higher prices for content? Judge Leon wrote that the government hadn’t proved to him that would be the case. He argued that letting AT&T buy Time Warner would give customers another choice for video in an age when Amazon and Netflix have changed the rules of engagement. But skeptics of media consolidation aren’t so sure. Jonathan Schwantes, the senior policy counsel for the advocacy group Consumers Union, argued: “There is significant opportunity for AT&T to exploit the value of Time Warner’s content in ways that could hurt both consumers and competition alike.”

    We shall see :)
  12. No such thing as a "natural monopoly". Only the government is powerful enough to create monopolies. Water, electricity, telecommunications... are all government planned and approved monopolies.
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  13. #metoo
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    Disagree. The universe favors efficiency. Within dense populated urban areas water and electric service is more efficient, takes up less space, and is safer when delivered by a regulated central distribution entity. It's government planned and approved and REGULATED by the people who elect officials to run these utilities on their behalf.

    Out in the country? Pop a well, build a windmill and go solar.
  15. Dancing with hypocrisy?
  16. How is funneling content AND INTERNET ACCESS into fewer sources a good thing for choice? I really don't get how people have net neutrality so twisted. Net neutrality was forcing sources of content and access NOT to prioritize their content over other internet data sources just because those sources didn't pay them! How is this positive? Think of data like anything, files, games, music, no matter. Now companies like Comcast et al can package data and access to other content sources into pay-for-access lanes. You'll have to pay Disney to see their content and Comcast will have to pay them to carry the data, which those costs will be passed onto consumers.
  17. Hmmm. I wonder why ISP's are buying up media empires now?
  18. Let me ask you you really think we have a choice in this anymore? To break into the ISP industry you'd have to hack off whole server farms and take control of them, then give away the keys. Permanently. All the while ensuring governments don't do the same. There really is a war going on in cyberspace right now. Governments and ISPs are fighting for control over access. All the while black and white hat hackers are trying to democratize access by undermining those controls.

    Both parties are shit. We have all the freedoms that the corporations allow us. God bless America. So glad our service members are putting their lives on the line so that congress can give our freedoms away. Speech in the form of websites can be throttled out now by an inability to pay to be seen. Money is considered speech as a result of the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision. So now, in law, in cyberspace, and in life, if you have no money, you have no speech.
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  19. It's clear we're in an us vs them situation. Folks who cheer for one side or the other are completely clueless. They want our guns, our privacy, our speech, our blood so they can remain in power and insure the blessings of liberty for THEIR posterity. Trouble is, people are woke. The internet is responsible. And you wonder why they're trying to take control of the internet?
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