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The Nerve of Some People.

Discussion in 'General' started by RasPlasch, May 26, 2010.

  1. Lol.

    When you get a sandwich, you have to get chips. The milk makes the meal cheaper. If I were to buy a gatorade with the lunch instead of a milk it would be more expensive. Plus I love milk.
  2. i know. should of gotten an oaktree iced tea!!! those were the shit in h.s.
  3. You did the right thing staying cool and not punching him. Violence is never a good thing
  4. Steal his shoes.

    Do it.
  5. Tell his mommy.
  6. Shit don't start thinking like that though. That type of thinking will just turn you into a dick to everyone. A lot of people dont show gratitude, but they always get whats coming to em. I doubt anyone will help that kid out with money soon who witnessed this, it all comes back on you one way or another.
    Props to you OP for at least trying to help someone out though. I know i loves me a hot mealz
  7. but it's people like that who weasel through life and have people cater to them and help them out. like people u no that will ask if you if you're hungry or want to go someplace becuz they want to go and jus need a ride so they tag along.
  8. haha 1 day u will do the same
  9. the only person that would do any of that shit for me is my girl. i'd do the same for her. i don't scrub off anyone. not my style.

  10. Yes sir. Fuck mooches. I hate them. And they think we don't realize what they are trying to do.

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