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The Nerve of Some People.

Discussion in 'General' started by RasPlasch, May 26, 2010.

  1. Thats my plan. :D
  2. have sex with his mother, film it, leave in his xbox, computer, or dvd player for him to watch
  3. I would have beat the sh!t out of him then stuck a spoon to the back of his throat and made him puke up every single thing on the ground. Then I would have told him you want to steal from me ? Then lick the food off the ground like a good little B!tch.. :mad::mad::mad:
  4. Next time you see him, verbally abuse him for a while.

    Then in a couple days go up and apologize for overreacting. Offer him a a milk box to bury the hatchet.

    Little does he know you infused the chocolate milk with exlax.

    Wait for the lulz and lawsuit.
  5. Destroy him. :devious:

  6. How would you even need more food than that if you didn't even have any ten minutes ago? I mean like if they're like 1-2 inches each, that's a lot of food! Was he like morbidly obese?

  7. "Damn these chips are salty. Wow, this milk cures the saltiness and is refreshing."
  8. u should bang his girl... if he don't have one bang his sister... if he doesn't have a sister like one of the people above said bang his mom. of course if he has none of these... bang his granny! throw her teeth at him and tell him to blow it out his ass.
  9. What if he has no Granny? :smoking:
  10. Damn what a fucking asshole. Never buy him anything again. He took advantage of your kindness and that's fucked.
  11. I dont see how you didnt see him steal your food dude.
  12. I am so curious as to how people like this think and operate. Like what thoughts go through their mind? How do they justify themselves?

    What a piece of shit.
  13. random punch to the stomach in the hallway.

    do that a few times to get the message across.
  14. thats real disrespectful
  15. I pretty much let people know if they touched my food at lunch i would kill them.
    Specially if they fucked with my taco tuesday!:D
  16. Wondering the same thing... Haha.

    But all curiosities aside, that's pretty horrible man. I'd drop that guy as a friend if I were you. You could try to get back at him, but honestly it doesn't sound to me like he'd care much. If the guy is willing to steal your food when you were generous enough to buy him his own, he obviously lacks common decency and sense.
  17. Who the fuck drinks milk with chips?
  18. Fuck I can't stand people who think every inconsiderate douchebag thing they do is just one big joke:mad:

  19. Same here, man.

    He bought me a whole lunch today. And apologized. So we are okay now, I guess.

    But he said, other people at the table were chuckling when he stole it, so he just went with it. Psh.

    Glad other people here agree with me. Lol. :wave:
  20. i thought the same shit.

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