The Nerve of Some People.

Discussion in 'General' started by RasPlasch, May 26, 2010.

  1. I'm a senior in Highschool. I was sitting at lunch today, waiting for the lines to die down before I got my meal. And a, well, what I thought was a good buddy of mine comes up to me and says "Hey man, I don't have any lunch money, can you get me something?" and I've been through that before so of course I bought him something.

    Then I go get my food. I got just a sandwich, chips and milk. I'm eating the sandwich and relaxing, sitting across from the kid whom I bought lunch for and a few other kids. As I'm finishing my sandwich I go to open my milk, and its gone and so are the chips. The kid who I bought the lunch for is laughing his head off, then stops to chug a milk.

    In my head I was like... wait... "he had no money, and he has a milk, and just finished it."

    So I said... "dude is that my milk you just finished?"
    He started cracking up and said, yes. Then he threw the empty bag of chips on the table.

    I blew a fuse right there. I bitched at him for awhile. Like really?


    I buy you a fuckin' lunch so you can have atleast something to eat, and you fucking steal my milk and chips. The only other part of my meal. And you eat/drink them?

    I left because I didn't want to get suspended for punching him in the face.

    I just had to vent that out.

  2. Damn, depending on how long I knew him and what type of relationship we had (no homo) I would have either tripped out or told him off. What a dickhead. Good on ya for walking away, I know it took a lot of restraint.
  3. Obviously we do stupid shit like this.
    But we always give the food back and don't eat it.
    That's just over the line.
  4. What an ungrateful douche
  5. That is pretty shitty man.
    Maybe slip some exlax in your milk and decoy him next time.
    He will learn the hard way not to be a greedy asshole
  6. wow dude i would have smacked him so hard fuck thats such disrespect
  7. that's pretty dick. tell him to suck a dick next time he needs a favor. sometimes it doesn't even make sense to be nice to people becuz they just don't show any gratitude.
  8. What goes through a person's head while they are eating the milk and chips?

    I just don't understand.

    I don't even fake steal people's food. Its not even funny in the first place.
  9. What exactly did you buy him?
  10. A box of like 10-15 mini corn dogs. And something else which slips my mind.

    So he ended up getting a bigger lunch then me pretty much. Fucker.
  11. Hmm, I see what your saying.

    I'm with you on that you don't even fake steal.

    One time event, let it go and next time he needs a favor..fuck he ain't getting one. Ya?
  12. In retrospect I'm not even sure why I thought that was relevant, still had no right to take your food even if you didn't buy anything for him
  13. There are two ways to look at this. He was obviously a dick for having the nerve to do that. I would definitely be pissed too.

    On the other hand, you are getting worked up over chips and milk. I don't blame you because I'd probably do the same thing. But if you are actually friends with the guy, don't ruin your friendship over some milk. Just assume he's an idiot and move on. You'll look like a fool if you retaliate somehow.
  14. nah man in high school... if your "friend" drinks your milk and eats your chips, DUDE AIN'T YOUR FRIEND!

    no great big friendship is compromised because this guy clearly doesn't respect you.
  15. kick him in his balls and say 'bitch you took my milk now keep yours inside you until that heals'
  16. Get one of these for the next time he trys to fuck with you.

    [ame=]YouTube - Chainsaw Bayonet[/ame]
  17. What you gotta do is wait until you get alone with him, knock him unconscious, duct tape him to a chair, then get a beer bong and a shitload of milk.

    If he likes milk so much, let him have some.

  18. No.... I'm not worked up over the food.

    I'm getting worked up over the fact that I did something nice for him. Which I completely didn't have to. Then he blatantly disrespected me moments after. All without saying thank you in the first place.

    Meh, were school acquaintances anyways.

    Still, don't just pick up my belongings and take them for yourself.
  19. complete disrespect!
    I wouldn't even give this guy a blink in my direction the next time your path cross.
    that's high school for yaah serious immaturity.

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