The neighbors in your neighborhood?

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  1. So, how is everyone's neighbors? The house to the left, to the right, the one in front of you and perhaps the one behind you too?

    As for me all my neighbors suck except the one on the right. I know he smoked the lovely darling in his day if not still does.

    Anyone else have the type of neighbors that won't say a word to you, quietness is good but sometimes it's somewhat weired.

    Vote :)
  2. None of them are cool, tight, or tolerable. They have never called the police during a party, but they're never short on threats or general destruction of my property.

    I have an old woman next to me who has three obnoxious dogs that bark non-stop, yet she ceaselessly calls the Humane Society on our pets to have them taken away. On the other side of the house there's an Air Force couple, who would be okay if it weren't for the husband's drunken Brother slashing my tire last week. Other than that, I live across the street from a Sheriff, a wife-beating Paramedic, the guy who ran over my dog... I could go on, believe me.

  3. I have none across the street from me, it's a big open field.

    The ones to the right just moved in, I don't know enough about them yet. I know they like to come and go late at night though, that's kind of annoying.

    The ones to the left, they don't speak much english. It's three mexican guys that work construction... they're cool as hell. I go over and every now and then and say what's up. They have a pool table and drink a lot of beer, weed get's smoked sometimes, but usually it's always friends of their (none of the guys that live there smoke it) All they ever have is brick, so they get excited as hell if I come over and bring any of my weed.

    They helped us put a new front door on the house when we had to replace it, and I've helped them do some shit too, so they're good neighbors to have. We also watch each others house for one another...
  4. whyd the brother slash your tires?
  5. Almost all of my old neighbors moved away. I barely know anybody in my development but there's still a lot of cool people left who haven't moved.
  6. Well, my entire street used to be full of old people... Which made it fucking impossible to try to sell candy bars for baseball as a kid because everyone was a diabetic. But the old people all slowly died out with the passing of the seasons, kinda like dinosaurs, only to be replaced by a gaggle of these obnoxious fucking little kids, who would always run up and down the street screaming. Thankfully their parents got evicted so I didn't have to deal with that bullshit anymore either.

    As for the neighbours directly across from me? Well they're all pretty stoner friendly so I toke up with no fear, and have, on a few occasions, seen the neighbours to the right of me toking it up on their porch before.

    All in all, it's a pretty quiet street tucked into the back corner of your average New England small city.
  7. I have three "adjacent" neighbors, two on either side and one across the street. I grew up close friends with the kids who lived next door on both sides, but the people across the street moved in a few years ago and I don't really know them.
  8. i think i have some of the best neighbors. i party with both of my next door neighbors...theres always random drunk people at one of our houses. the oly lady across the street tho is a bitch who loves to call the cops :mad:
  9. hella weird man

    i was gunan start this thread yesterday

    but figured a majority of members are probably in college in a dorm or something boring

    my neighbors in my old neighborhood got me and my mates kicked out of our house...we didnt do shit either they were just rich and stuck up
  10. The neighbors to the right are an old widowed lady who keeps to herself but is nice and rents out a room to some other women. The neighbors to the left are a family with 2 young daughters and a dog. The husband, Felipe is a pretty cool guy who is pretty handy but well get on your case if me and my friends are goin a little too crazy or cussin too loud with his kids near, not bad though. I can still blaze with no problems.
  11. the one to my left are total bitches. dont even say hi.
    the one to my right forclosed their house like four months ago.
  12. I haven't lived here long, don't know my neighbors yet. I liked my lasts ones pretty good, though.
  13. I'm atop 12 acres, I don't see, and barely even see my neighbors, thank goodness.
  14. I dont know any of the neighbors here, I just moved in here a few months ago. BUT, its one of those rich flashy neighborhoods, dude across the street has a fuckin NICE porsche camon S.. Everyones all stuck up n shit...

    My old neighborhood was cool though, everyone around knew each other, even though we werent friends. Just nice aquaintances.
  15. Lets see... The neighbors on the right are two biker dudes, like Hell's Angel's type bikers. One of them doesn't say anything to anybody on the street, that I know of. The other one will one day be buddy buddy with you and the next day he will just eye you down like he is about to kick your ass. During the summer they'll have a party once a month with all their biker buddies and sometimes they get loud and the police get called.

    The neighbors on the left are a younger couple with 3 kids. I'm pretty sure they smoke weed and do other drugs. The dude is into rap and whatnot, he has a system in his car that he randomly turn on and thump for some time, like he is doing right now. They have a pit bull that occasionally gets out and runs wild. Has attacked another dog and atleast once a week gets into a barking contest with the biker guy's pit bull.

    The people behind me I don't really know anything about. The dude does custom graphics on cars or something. He always has different stuff on his car with a phone number for custom car tattoo's. The houses on the right and left of him are empty.

    The house in front of mine was empty until last weekend. A younger lady moved in there with two kids and a puppy.

    The house to the left of her's is another couple with two kids and a dog they keep inside. The dad is a dick. One of my sisters and his kids got into an argument and the dude cussed out my and then stood at the door makin' that jump movement like people do when they are trying to punk someone out. Really immature dude. Him and my dad about got into over that... Haven't had any problems with him since then.

    The house to the right of the one in front of mine is my cousin. She is/was addicted to crack and Oxycontin. Had both of her kids taken from her, lives in the house rent free because he mom owns the house and pays all the bills. She has random people over who are shady lookin' characters. She is friends with the people who live on the left of me and friends with the younger biker guys. I'm sure they are all into pills and whatnot by the way they act.

    The street used to be like a real neighborhood. Everyone got along and then slowly people started moving out/dieing and in the last 4 years or so the new neighbors started moving in and shit has went downhill since.
  16. my neighbors suck ass, mostly old people but my neighbor on the right's pretty cool he'll come over and smoke sometimes
  17. Haha guess I rest my case!
  18. Pretty friendly with my neighbors I guess.

    Nobody says a word about weed ever.
  19. the neighbors to my right and in front of me are so fucking nosey
    they always ask whose car is in the driveway and shit
    so of course i get annoyed and tell them none of their fucking business
    i barely know the poeple too!
    the people behind me are an asian couple and i never hear a word coming from their house
    and then we have this gay couple to the left of us but i rarely see them
    they are always out of town so obviously they aren't there enough to be annoying but when they are home they seem pretty nice
    sooo yeah those are my neighbors:eek:
  20. fuck all my neighbors except the people on the left they be having some decent partys and invite me over when their grilling burgers and shit

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