The Neem In Flower Questions Answer!!!

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    I just read this:

    "If your plants are in flower, do not use NEEM or SAFER SOAP as they cling to the buds and destroy trichomes"

    Let me say this is absolutely not the case! I have done it three times with big buds on the plants.

    Also neem in flower gets rid of all the Mites! One grow had over 30 days left, another 14 days, and this one 19 days.. This one is white flies, they were flying everywhere and i sprayed in all these situations and bam all bugs gone. Not one mite again, and less than 4 hours after spray for white flys can't see a single one...

    This Neem will mold em, make them taste bad, destroy the trics, not work on the bugs, ect ect ect is all bs... I swear I have done all this and not a single issue every with taste, potency, effect on bugs, or any other negative inpact..

    I would never ever let my crop die trying pepper mixes, soap, lemon juice, and all the other nonsense I have read out there because I know neem is safe, well if you have 2 weeks left anyway, works! and there is no question you will save your crop! If you try one of the other things that don't work I assure you it will be to late when you realize it didn't... These little bugs will f up your stuff in no time so neem em and thank ME later..... ?Remember you smoke a drug, called pot, it grows on a plant, neem is an extract of another type of plant, totally natural, the carcenogens, spelling? are no worse than smoking thc, green bud leaves, or anything else you think because it is not poison actually it is just not liked by the little mites, white fly, thrips, bastards.
    One last example,, My last crop 14 days out, sprayed with neem, dried cured, smelled like dead skunk and everyone tripped balls, and two of three said tasted excellent... Now I have done my part to solve this long long debate.. This is exactly what happened to me.. I did not make this up, I do not own a neem, plantation and want to sell my nuts, well not yet, you spray, get back to your day.... Love always..... And please people stop all the bs about Neem if you have not done it this way, you do not know. At least say so if you want to say don't use it..anyway.... Use the best to save the rest. Don't stress just listen and rest...... One spray and save the day..........
  2. I think the idea of damaging trichomes is from the insecticidal soap. I've never seen any issues, but I've rarely had to spray late into flowering. I've never seen anything about neem dissolving trichomes, but that doesn't mean the claim hasn't been made. I think most don't like neem, especially late in flowering, because of the pungent odor it has. The clarified neem extracts smell far less, but are equally effective at pest control.

    Even if the soap argument is true, one would have to seriously overspray their plants to actually wash off any trichomes. Your plant shouldn't be dripping with pesticide, organic or not.

    I've found that preventative measures like regular cleaning in the grow area, and treating plants with repeated small doses, as opposed to one saturating dose, are the most effective method for me.

    Glad that you were able to get those buggers under control!

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