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The necessity to be EXTRA careful when consuming your edibles.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Klao, Jan 15, 2010.

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    Holy SHIT. Be careful when you decide to cook, my friends, and just with edibles in general. It's much more of a delicate balance when you're eating your weed. :eek:

    I know nobody's going to believe me, but I just pushed through the most monstrous stone I've ever endured, from the "Better than Firecrackers" recipe that's usually very close to the front page in this forum. I didn't really fully escape from it for a full 24 hours. o_O

    Just be VERY careful with the amount of weed you put into anything. I know this is common sense, but it bears repeating. I have a LOT of tolerance, and I'm a daily smoker, and I'm used to light highs from my bowls going away after 45 minutes or so. Eating weed is different. When you're smoking, you know within a minute or so after your last hit whether or not you're done. When you're eating, it takes at least an HOUR after your last bite to know whether you've overdone it. Remember -- once the effects feel like they're "too much," it could be too late to induce vomiting. You've already absorbed so much of it. It's easy to eat another few bites after a couple of hours if you don't feel anything. It's impossible to take excess THC OUT of your system, though, if you were impatient and ate too much before your body even has a chance to tell you about your mistake. This was a strong enough experience that I don't even want to SMOKE anymore. Be careful.

    Before you begin thinking that a high that lasts that long might be a GOOD thing .... it wasn't. I was feeling pretty good up until about two hours after eating, but the body high kept growing and growing. At three hours into it, I knew that I had put in too much, and bought myself an assload of trouble. I knew from past experience it was going to take a long time for my system to be completely done with it, too. When I use edibles, it's none of this "kicks in after one hour, over after five" deals that other people experience. I've never had a full effect prior to 2 hours with an edible, and the stone lasts at LEAST 8 or 9. I don't know if this is because I'm a lot larger than other people, or what, but it's the way it's always been for me. You can imagine my dread when I realized that I hadn't yet fully peaked, and I was already uncomfortable.

    I kept climbing, and climbing. Throughout most of it, I was just desperate for it to be over. The "couch-lock" effect is NOT pleasant when it's strong enough that you feel like you have to exert real effort even to move your limbs, nor when your lungs themselves feel too tired to keep drawing in air. Cold pressure in my chest abounded, severe dizziness .... I tried to do what I always told myself I would do if I ever took in "too much," and tried to sleep through it. However, in spite of my INTENSE lethargy, I could not sleep. Every time I came close, I'd keep jerking back into consciousness, breathing quickly, worried I would stop breathing. The pressure in my chest felt that severe. During the first six hours of it, it felt more like a frightening acid trip than weed. I had to keep pulling myself back from panic attacks, because I felt like I couldn't breathe. I knew a true panic attack would only make it worse, that it could only be ridden out. My mind kept racing, and also for the first time, I started getting anxious, paranoid thoughts (a side effect I've only heard about before). It may be the first time in my life in which I've actually been "too high."

    I've made this recipe two or three times before, but I've never felt the effects this intensely. Hell, I've never felt ANY kind of intoxicating effect that intensely, at all. About 2.5 grams of vaped herb, and 1.5 of high-mids went into about a cup of peanut butter. I also baked for slightly longer, and at a slightly higher temperature this time, and that seems to have had an effect. I may very well have been doing this recipe "wrong" all along, and finally found the sweet spot. I'm not sure.

    I read an article on the Internet, when I was just barely coming down and I could pierce my anxiety enough to sit down at my computer, about "space cakes" in Amsterdam coffee houses (apparently extremely strong edibles), and how many tourists freak out after eating too much, and try to get the local paramedics to come out. There's not much you can do, though, but sit it out -- it's difficult, because I don't know how many stoners have ever visited that place of "beyond too high, into the realm of ALARMINGLY too high" .... but you really do feel like you're dying. I would have called 911 for sure if I had come to the experience blind, and didn't know for a fact that I could NOT overdose, not in a way that could permanently hurt me. I knew very well what was happening to me throughout the whole thing, but it was still one of the most frightening experiences I've been through. It's like the fear didn't CARE about my logical thoughts -- I just felt what I felt. I can't imagine what it would have been like for someone with less experience, or lower tolerance ....

    Here's that article:

    Amsterdam Coffeeshops FAQ - Dangers of space cakes | Amsterdam Travel Guide

    Our tolerance tends to go up, and it's like a ceiling we can never get beyond. After my experience over the last 36 hours, however, I'm beginning to think that almost anyone could attain a level they've never reached with an edible. A word of warning if that sounds promising to you: that might not be a good thing. Don't push your luck. ;)

    I also found this. I'm sure most of us have heard it before. It's the infamous 911 call of a police officer and his wife, who think they've overdosed after eating brownies baked with a QUARTER OUNCE of pot. They finished every last bite -- very stupid. Even with the anger one feels that a POLICE OFFICER could be this ignorant of an illegal substance, in which he honestly believes that he CAN overdose on it ---- I still feel a bit of sympathy for him. I know how crappy my experience was, and I knew very well that I would come out the other side of it. I can't even imagine how a newbie would feel, with almost no tolerance, and after ingesting such a COLOSSAL amount of pot.

    [ame=]YouTube - "Stoned Cop Calls 911: A Drama"[/ame]

    Alright, rant done.
  2. That happened to me once before, I ingested to much weed and it was VERY uncomfortable. I was extremely dizzy and laying down made it worse, eventually I ended up puking which made me feel much better immediately. I have'nt had an experience like that since. In fact now days my tolerance is so high I barely get decent buzzes at all, I'm thinking of trying to drop a few pounds as well as taking an extended t-break.

    But getting back to the topic, you really do have to use caution when dealing with edibles. In fact I recommend using brick or schwag to cook with initially, the THC concentration should be a lot less. And like Klao was saying wait at least a hour or more before eating a second dose of weed edibles if you don't feel anything initially. If you've had a big meal earlier in the day or if you have a slower digestive system it can take some time before the effects hit. However with that said, I love weed edibles. The body highs are incredible, it's so relaxing. Just wish I could break this insanely high tolerance I have.
  3. I, and two of my friends feel your pain bro.

    My one friend is very skinny, and sorta short. She is maybe 100lbs but most likely not even. She had a firecracker once that only had .8 in it. The rest of the night she was throwing up, spinning out of control, and wobbling in and out of consciousness. She was sweating, and she said she was having trouble breathing. It was hell for her.

    Same thing happened to my other friend, but it was worse because we were out in public at a restaurant, and he couldnt even get out of the chair.
  4. I find if the high is too much i can just eat a large meal and it will come down...

    It takes about 2 hrs for me to feel the extent of an edible as well. Sure you feel a little at 1 hr but it peaks at about 2. I find much past 2-3 grams it is just a question of the length of the high. I usually do 2-2.5 per unit for a good high but have done as much as 4 which is about the same high but way longer.

  5. I've never been WAYYYYYY too high, but my first edible experience I had no tolerance, ate a gram brownie, and deff. got too high. I was honestly nowhere close to what you were, but nevertheless it was far too much for me - being inexperienced. I ate a large meal and came down pretty drastically after 2-3 hrs... but it may have been mental.
  6. i only recently became familiar with the "too high" feeling, and it is one that i thought would never come my way.

    i have smoked half ounces and full ounces (with two other people) in one sitting on numerous occasions in the past and never reached a level of highness that i was uncomfortable with... however, vaping some dank with a volcano after ingesting two firecrackers with about a gram and a half of green crack in them definitely changed shit.

    a few weeks ago a good friend of mine and i paid a visit to one of los angeles's renowned dispensaries that allow visitors to use their volcano vaporizers. before leaving my house i decided to enjoy the firecrackers i had made in the morning, instead of eating them during the weekend or some shit..

    but anyway, we get to the dispensary, where i purchased some really high grade Skywalker OG.. at this point i could really feel the firecrackers kicking in, but i didnt want to pass up an opportunity to hit a volcano, so my friend and i decided to vape a bit before we left.

    after one draw from the bag, everything around me looked like it was under a strobe light (which is a personal indicator that i'm high as fuck). but we had about three hours to kill before we had to be in class for our final, so i decided to keep going.

    we ended up vaping about four bags of this extremely potent skywalker, and i was fucking ROCKED. there were times where my vision would fade in and out (kinda like standing up too quickly, except i was sitting down on a couch). whenever i would close my eyes i would see fairly colorful fractals.. i was so high i had to remind myself to keep breathing, as i found myself short of breath numerous times and realized that i wasnt even inhaling air.

    after a quick glass of water, i walked out of the dispensary wondering how the fuck i was going to get to the car without passing out in the middle of the street.

    it was a wild ride. i can definitely see where people who say they feel like they're dying when they're too high are coming from. like klao said, i can only imagine how disastrous of an experience it could have been for a novice smoker with a very low tolerance.
  7. Lol I want to experience this sooooooooo bad now

  8. How did your final go? :D
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    Well, I really think that part of my problem was that such a huge portion of my own edible was vaped herb, which is almost entirely the "body high" portion of a typical high. It has a strong sedative effect, because most of the cannabinoids responsible for a true "mental" high are extracted through vaporization. I used a lot of this vaped herb on top of the normal stuff, so I ended up making the sedative effect so much stronger. When I was too far gone, it was a very intense, forced relaxation of all my muscles -- it was almost like being a little paralyzed. I had to struggle to stay mobile.

    What's worse, the severe sluggishness extended to my own diaphragm. Soul Flower was talking about how being too high makes you feel constantly out of breath, and that's certainly true -- you really DO think you keep forgetting to breathe! I found myself constantly concentrating on just BREATHING .... breathe in, breathe out. I wanted to make sure I kept doing it, and I wanted to make sure I had something inane to concentrate on so I wouldn't dwell on the unpleasant sensations coursing through me. It's scary as shit.

    It's a constant, several-hour-long process of being a bit too frightened to sleep, and constantly trying to pull yourself back from a real panic. Nothing to do but ride the storm.

    Heh, I was worried my "warning" might have that effect on some people. Just, trust me .... if you want to go too far, you definitely can do it if you eat a LOT of herb that's been properly cooked, but you're going to regret it once you're there. Remember -- once the high starts, you're committed for hours and hours to what you're going to experience.

    This is NOT something to intentionally try to do. :(
  10. people who say they want to get that high, you seriously have no idea how it feels. When i first started smoking I smoked a gram in about 30 minutes. I sat on my couch couldn't even move and felt like I was on a roller coaster (real hard sensation to explain). I proceeded to throw up all over, turn pale as paper and have cold sweats. not fun whatsoever.
  11. just too much thc hittin your receptors JWH does the same thing when too much is vaped/smoked or eatin I once made hash rice crispy treats with 3 grams of hash oil and one bar got me so high i couldnt sit up in my bed. the anxiety is just temp same thing happens with to much JWH just have to ride things out and remmeber you wont die
  12. Dude, we make batches of brownies with a fuckton of pot in them, everyone is different. You just have to fight the feeling to sit. Find something exciting to do and next time, just eat half first... if you want more then by all means do it.

    I'm glad you've learned your tolerance.

    Next time, take a nap. If you don't like it's effects sleep it off.
  13. lol I was cracking up reading that... the first time I tried to eat it took so long I fell asleep, two hours later, the high woke me up and I was high as shit for a second and very drowsy, then I fell back asleep and woke up and that was it
  14. I have been with you before. When I first started eating the goods, not really being sure how much was in there due to the fact that it was mostly leaf and really not knowing much about the effects when cooked. I don't think that I got to where you were my friend but close. I have since learned to proceed with caution. If I had my choice I would certainly prefer to eat my weed. Someday when enough is harvested etcc.. Oh and the food products were only made with the cuttings! I cannot imagine if I had used to nugs. Wow thanks for the warning. I have to take it back I don't think I was close to as high as you were my friend, but the timing thing is what gets me. I had actually eaten the rice crispy treats and then headed out to eat with some friends. I smoke daily and don't drink a lot anymore but some. Anyway after one Margarhita I was having a problem with my speech and was like what the F I haven't even had one margo yet. It took a bit but then I realized what was happening. Needless to say It was a short dinner, I had to leave so I could enjoy my buzz in peace, much like tripping! Have a good one,.

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    Well, two things ....

    1) My tolerance is actually through the roof at the moment. That's part of why this was so surprising to me. I could chain smoke two or three bowls right now (my lungs and throat would give out before I felt like I'd had too much, let's just say that) and not get that much of a bake out of it, and I'd be pretty much sober in an hour. That's part of the reason I cooked up something I knew was going to be fairly strong -- I wanted a good, long-lasting effect. Alas, I went too far.

    2) If you'll read my account more closely -- I really DID try to sleep it off. I rushed into nothing blindly, and it's not as though I neglected to take the most obvious course of action. I had planned for an experience like this before I'd ever taken my first hit, long ago, and I'd always had a list of procedures in my mind to handle it (I'm constantly reading and researching). In the end, however, I could not sleep until at least six hours had passed .... because breathing became such an issue (this can happen, apparently -- refer to Soul Flower's account). The single greatest weapon against feeling too high was ripped out of my hands, because I had crossed some invisible threshold. :(

    Definitely something I don't want to repeat. I've taken a break from weed completely, starting today. I won't return to it for at least a month -- I want to give myself some distance from this experience, and lower my tolerance to prevent the temptation to do wild things like this. :p
  16. I too have experienced the feeling of being "too high". I don't remember how I even got in that situation, but I remember exactly how it went down.

    1) I started to feel a little weird inside
    2) My heart starts to beat like it's about to explode or pop out of my chest
    3) My vision begins to fade
    4) I start sweating like I just ran a few miles
    5) I feel large bubbles forming in my stomach and my face turns abnormally pale
    6) Those same large bubbles come up my esophagus and burst like water balloons
    7) I throw up and stomach acid is on the floor
    8) Repeat #'s 6&7 a few more times

    I felt SO MUCH BETTER after throwing up, and in result it gave me an intense body high for a solid 6+ hours.

  17. ahahahahaha it was fucking crazy!!!

    i walked into class just about the highest i had ever been in public.. took a seat, and the girl next to me asked me if i was feeling ok. i told her i had a fever or something..

    it was a journalism class, so all we had to do was prepare a few news stories on the spot.. the work itself was easy, but handling myself at the level of highness that i was at was very challenging. the worst part came at the end when i had to shake my professor's hand though. i didnt get any funny looks or anything from him so i assume that i pulled it off pretty well.

    best final ever hahaha
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    I had a similar experience last night... I ate 2 weed cookies after the super bowl. I smoked steady for like 5 years but recently I stopped smoking for like 12 days (I was sick, and still am a little bit) and I just started back up again a couple days ago. So my tolerance is really low. The guy i got them from warned me that they were hella strong, he said "be careful" but i just thought he meant i shouldnt operate machinery or take a road trip and shit haha. But those cookies were suuuuuper strong. I mean, i had rice krispy treats and brownies and things like that from Medical clubs and I wouldnt feel a thing. But about an hour in, i felt the effects coming on. I felt really sedated. Hard to keep my eyes open an i felt a bit euphoric.

    About a half hour after i started feeling the effects, i felt it in my gut just building and building.. Like i could feel the THC being absorbed in my stomach. It was an intense weird feeling. All of a sudden it hit me real hard, throughout my body i felt real light and dizzy and pale. i felt like i was gonna pass out so i went to lay down in my living room and passed out in the kitchen. Hit the ground n shit.. my brothers came rushin over to me like what the fuck was that THUMP.. Lol.. I passed out for like 15sec.. They awoke me and i kinda sat there on the kitchen floor like "holy shit, I cant believe i just fuckin passed out". After a min i got up drank a bit of water and sat down on the couch. I ate some chicken noodle soup meanwhile i could still feel the intense body high in my gut.

    I laid down for a while, and after like an hour i yakked on the floor. Felt better but I could still feel most of the effects. The feeling of not being able to breath was hit on the head by you guys and most definetly felt by me. I felt like the feelings in my gut/body were so strong I might not feel the signals my body would send if i stopped breathing. So i consciously kept breathing, in and out. It was a trip. An my head was spinning a bit so it was tough to fall asleep. But after i yakked i dozed off within a few minutes. Woke up an hour and a half or so later and threw up again. After that I fell asleep for a good five hours or so and when i woke up i felt alot better, it had finally passed mostly.

    The reason why i passed out is because I hadnt eaten anything. I wanted to get the full effect and have it hit me quick. I think my blood sugar levels dropped a bit when the THC starting getting fully absorbed. Thats when I got light-headed, dizzy and pale. And when I got up to lay down I stood up too quickly. I had passed out only 1 time before.. it was the same situation, i hadnt eaten anything all day and i stood up real quick and got lightheaded and passed out for a few seconds. when i awoke i was like not fully there.. took me a minute to come to .. this was like 4 years ago.

    It was a fucked up experience.. I think it'll be a while before I eat any edibles.. Its so hard to get the right dosage..
  19. I have been eating edibles since last summer (Started smoking late may) and i still wasn't feeling the effects of weed. I made a 1g fire cracker when i hade swine flu, i was smoking weed before because it helped with the symptons A LOT. My mom had left for florida, i had the house to myself till my brother got home from college which was like 6pm. I ate it at 8am. Effects hit me in 40mins. I was enjoying, but the effects wouldn't plateau. It kept getting worse and worse. Soon i found myself sitting over the toilet and it was only 9am. I couln't through up because that was my breakfast, so i dry heaved for a half hour.

    I was really scared, it was a friday, i was alone. I tried to play some xbox and get comfort, i couldn't get my self to play video games. I watched some T.V. it was too stresful. So i tried to sleep but it was really hard to sleep. I felt like i was losing reality and life.

    My brother woke me up at 7pm and asked me how could still sleep, I was really high. I was able to understand reality and function though. I watched some rob and big with him for an hour and a few friends came over. They smoked a blunt, i was coming down still.

    Take your time with edibles, don't do 1g the first time you are going to feel it
  20. responsibility in its truest form. :p

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