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The Necessity of Coughing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shimoda, May 24, 2010.

  1. whatup blade, I would like to know if coughing when you smoke is necessary to get the most outa ya dope, and why. I haven't been getting as high lately and I believe it might be to my suppresion/unwillingness to cough much(bedtime smoking in house) but last night I had to cough and when I did I kinda instantly felt higher and realized what just happened. So I gave a little cough every pull after that, but my coughing technique might be slacking, idk. Read some stuff about dilating bronchial vessels through coughing improves THC absorbtion too, idk if there's any validity to it. Please inform me GC!.
  2. Coughing does not get you higher. Don't believe me? Use a vape. 0% coughing 100% high.
  3. Can I get an amen? :D

  4. i would think hes talking about smoking not vaping....:rolleyes::yay::metal::cry::bongin: :confused_2: :bolt::hide::poke:
  5. no. cannabinoids already dilate bronchial vessels to begin with. coughing to get more baked is a myth perpetuated by little kids that dont understand oxygen deprivation/lightheadedness
  6. i hate this myth so fucking much.
    i can take a big ass bong rip and not cough at all. then my friends will take small ass hits and claim to be getting higher than me. its not a fucking competition, and at the end of the day im the one narrating my closed eye visuals while theyre sitting there wondering why theyre not high.

    when i try to tell them its because i know how to smoke, they laugh it off and say i dont know anything about smoking cause i cant cough.

    oh well, more thc for me:cool:
  7. Coughing doesn't do shit for THC absorbtion.
  8. Properly dried/cured bud shouldn't make you cough whether you vape or smoke it.
  9. coughing is still an important part of smoking. help clear ya out. I like to do one big cough instead of a bunch of little ones. its loud and gross, but its just once for a sec or 2.
  10. I have bad coughing fits, like really bad. I know thats just my weak lungs or something personally, cuzz my friends don't have that problem. But there are times where I don't cough and I can tell you that you don't feel anymore high after you cough your brains out. So personally I don't really believe in the coughing-makes-you-higher thing, maybe a slight head rush but thats it,
  11. I don't expect this thread to go much further. :confused: people can only agree on something so many times :p
  12. Hold your hits for 7 seven seconds.
  13. Their is such simple logic behind this... You cough when you take big enough hits you cant handle, thus taking in way to much smoke, thus making you higher. Coughing will not get you high or i would be coughing all the time. So just take big enough hits that are over your head.
  14. Wow theyre ignorant, deff saw it on pineapple express and believed it LOL.

  15. I doubt coughing has anything to do with it, but could it be your tolerance is going up?

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