The National One?!

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  1. I think whole lot of them governments should make a government, a one one, so that that government can be the one that governs them all.

    see theres all this talk an i cant quite hear the sea breezes anymore. Makes me think the whole lot of us are locked in till death do us part! what ever happened to instant chivalry on the sight of another oath laid. Ive seen men walk out of pubs with pistol already drawn..and yet they retain the old time chivalrous state. usually both of the poor bastards died, one o them bleedin out into the gutter like a mikmak.

    anyway. i think they should make that government, a small one. could be good.

    also ide like to say a few words concerning the recent swiss occupation of new we all know this is probabl hyped up by the media but lets just hold stead fast. Hold stead fast and fight! this is the day!

    This is the day we stand and fight! for all people, ugly and not as ugly, shit and fhat, lakes and rivers, meagans, and mooses, FARMS AND FAMILIES, COME TOGETHER.

    Heed my call!.

    Stand together!

    Trees and trunks!

    lakes and lemons!

    turmoils and strifes!

    wives and butter!

    Priests and triceps!

    bread and butter!

    and and now!

    milk and salmon!


    anyway thanks for listening guys, thanks. Thanks.
  2. cool.........story............................bro
  3. Yeah fight the power, pie and cake, pancakes and waffles, planes and trains and all that good stuff

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