The Myth of Equality

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  1. There is this myth that's been going around that all people are equal and that any inequality between them is a terrible crime that must be fixed.  People are hellbent on this supposed problem and have done everything in their problem to alleviate it, often to disastrous results.  Unfortunately they don't realize that this equality that they're trying to active is a complete and utter myth with no basis in reality whatsoever.  Hate to break it to you, but human beings are simply not born equal, in fact key traits in determining one success in life such as intelligence has been proven to be largely hereditary.  Nowhere in nature do you ever observe thing being equal, and it's a complete blasphemy against nature in trying to make things equal.  Equality is nothing more than a religious tenant to leftists, and like most religions people believe in it and try to impose it with fanatical zeal despite all the overwhelming evidence against it.   

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  2. I agree.
    "Equality" is the vehicle often used by socialists/leftists to implement their agenda. I mean, who could be against equality? The masses are always sympathetic to the idea. Of course, the movement leaders never end up being equal to the ruled. They will remain in their elitist positions.
    The big problem is the only way to have true equality is to enslave everyone. People all have to fit into pigeonholes to be equal, but not everyone wants to so they'll have to be forced.
    We have been witnessing this very thing happening in the US, and it has been going on for decades. As we become more equal, by necessity, we are losing freedoms.
  3. MLK would be proud
    I don't think that people are "equal".  For example, I'm a parent, and in our household, there's no "equality"... my husband and I pretty much set the rules.   When my son is an adult, then he will have the same authority. 
    There is always a hierarchy among humans... be it in business, science, politics, physicality, sex, age, education.  Etc.  That's how the human race essentially functions. We all compete with each other (to a degree), for certain positions within society.  It IS nature... I completely agree.
    As a liberal, however, I believe in equal opportunity. Equal opportunity is very different from equalizing all humans to one level (which is what you seem to think "the myth" is.)
    Here's an example of equal opportunity:  A woman and male who are up for the same job, who have equal qualifications, should be considered equally for the job (seems like common sense, but it's not). Sex, race, hair color, eye color, foot size, just shouldn't play a part in the equation.
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    Another nice logical fallacy.  Not all "leftists" are delusional concerning equality.   
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  6. "There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people"--Thomas Jefferson.
     I'm sure MLK did not consider pedophiles and violent criminals equals. And that is the problem with your argument. MLK was a man. And I'm sure he would not approve of the way things are going today either. Have you read any of his writing's, or are you hung up on the ONE speech they teach you in school.
  7. Equality comes in two forms.

    You are talking about net worth. But everyone is equal in the sense that they should get the same rights to life and freedom.

    I believe in equal opportunity not equal treatment

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  8. People are misunderstand me in thinking that I'm opposing equality of opportunity, it's when despite the equality of opportunity that we have, we still se inequality gaps between people and there are those who think that such unequal results are wrong.  So in a way they are trying to make thing more unequal in the name of equality.
  9. So what's the problem then?  If people are not equal, and they're still not equal, so what's your beef?
    That's your world on your libertari an platter.  Eat it.
  10. [quote name="fearjar" post="19432641" timestamp="1391052584"]"There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people"--Thomas Jefferson. I'm sure MLK did not consider pedophiles and violent criminals equals. And that is the problem with your argument. MLK was a man. And I'm sure he would not approve of the way things are going today either. Have you read any of his writing's, or are you hung up on the ONE speech they teach you in school.[/quote]Nah i just kinda cracked a joke but your assumption will suffice :)
  11. What is your fascination with Thomas Jefferson? Everybody knows by now he was known to sleep with chickens and steal peoples left shoe, he was crazy, also a hypocrite
  12. Ones that are actually his? Or some of the ones that he...borrowed? :p
  13. Shhhh. Not many people know that he stole over half of his work. but I can forgive him as his goal was noble, though the consequences unintended. Lil Wayne also would not be considered his "equal".
    Thomas Jefferson is the epitome of the American dream, spirit and the inspiration for our Constitution. Only those ignorant to history, or those who are trying to manipulate it's significance to lend weight to their arguments would think otherwise. Your statement is not factual.
    Who here hasn't wanted to smoke dope, tell some smug bastard to fuck off, or challenge them to a duel if they don't? Lord knows I'm just the type of Liberal to start a war over freedom.
    Hypocrisy? Why for having "slaves"? Slaves who would have been shot, burned, raped, tortured or treated as slaves had he gave them the titles of "Freemen"? His EMPLOYEES, were given plots of land to call their own, to farm as they wished. They were better paid then most employees of the day, and better educated than most whites of the day . Why would left wing fringe Pelosi nut-jobs want you to know that when it doesn't suit their agenda? Why would right wing fringe nut jobs like Gingrich want you to know that when it doesn't suit theirs? I'd suggest you get your history lessons from their sources... Not from morons preaching their interpretations.....Sounds a lot like religion in that respect doesn't it?
    Those who can do. Those who can't teach. When those who can't, teach to those who can't, they become those that never will.
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  14. There are only a few "founding fathers" that I really respect, and Jefferson is one of them. 
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    Despite the whole slave owning thing?
    There is very mixed information on his slave owning.  He definitely feared slave uprisings which did happen from time to time and never formally freed all of his slaves.  He did fear that they would be forced back into slavery, which happened quite often, especially after the Virginia legislature modified their emancipation laws.  Under the Articles of Confederation, Jefferson actually sought to ban slavery all together, but it didn't pass.  While President he signed the Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves because according to him it was a violation of human rights.   Whether he fathered children with his slave, Sally Hemings is still debatable.  We have never had a perfect politician.  Jefferson obviously believed that slavery was wrong, but was restricted by the times in which he lived.  Perhaps he could have done things a bit differently, but these offenses aren't enough for me to discredit the man completely or lose respect for his efforts and intellect.
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  17. You can respect his intellect without respecting his entire character 
  18.  And with all the atrocities they were out committing, look what they left the world. A document that later served to be the basis that ended it.
     I'm not sure if you are just fucking around, or are really that devoid of fact and knowledge.
    Fucking around with what? What the fuck are you talking about? 
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  20. you know NOTHING about him. He was distraught over the way slaves were treated in America.....Wow dude. Go read a book. You sound so ignorant. What are you? So fraught with white guilt that it has become racism?
    You are no better than what you think you are speaking out against. I'm not kidding dude. It's like you are trying to convince me the sky is bright fucking orange.
    You are so indoctrinated it isn't even funny. I had a black school teach named Ellsworth Tulley....and he would slap you right in your face if he heard the crap you were saying. He was a DIRECT descendant of Thomas Jefferson, and has the DNA to prove it.

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