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    The mystery of being lives in the forests. It lives in the wilderness. The wilderness breaths in the mystery, it beholds the mystery. The mystery does not go to work. 
    The mystery is never lazy, it shows up in the day time night  time every time all the time. The mystery does not go to play. It plays inside of itself. The mystery lives
    inside of every atom. Space and time is the mysterious page that the mystery is written upon. The mystery lives in the photon. The mystery embodies all rivers, mountains,
    oceans and seas. The mystery sleeps in the heavens and awakens into the hells. We are the mystery, but the mystery is not us. The mystery is why. The mysteries name is Why.
    Why is there a mystery. Is the mystery a god, alien or a transcendental object at the end of time. Does the mystery know that it is a mystery. Does the mystery think, does
    it speak. The magical plants that I eat and smoke show me that the mystery is larger than I can bare. It is vaster and more infinite than my mind and my threshold for astonishment can
    handle. WIth each magical adventure I endure with the plants my threshold for comprehending the infinite mysterious abyss becomes expanded and strengthened. It is not a God
    nor a Demon. God is finite. Demon is just a word. The plants have shown me how much of the infinite is inside of me. There is an infinite amount of the infinite inside of
    every part of the infinite. The secret to the infinite lies within the symbol for the infinite. The infinite is the symbol of the horizontal 8. The infinity symbol is that
    of the zero undergoing the process of cell division. The One is a half of the zero but it is also the zero squared. The One is then replicated an infinite amount of times
    to create the infinite. The infinite feeds back into itself and becomes the zero once again. 

  2. Have you danced with salvia? At her peak? When you are the monster?

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  3. Fuck, I'll have what you're smoking.
  4. Sit down in a dark room with a candle lit, smoke a little weed and meditate, and then write, without blocking anything between your mind and the pen?  Fuck I haven't done that in like 4 years  :(
  5. Hmmm I like the sound of that...
  6. I like that OP!
    The mystery is also in my neural firings when I study the chart of metabolic pathways - especially when considering ATP Synthase.  :metal:

    I like that OP!
    The mystery is also in my neural firings when I study the chart of metabolic pathways - especially when considering ATP Synthase.  :metal:
  7. <span><span><span>Wakefulness. . The obviousness of existence. Waking up in the morning we're aware of existence resuming itself to us after a (perceived) pause...its this awareness of continued existence that is what we are.

    In order for you (awareness) to perceive a</span><span><span> world that appears to be solid, something that is not solid must be observing it, just as a shadow cant be cast without a light source, even though it's essentially one thing.

    Put a drop of green dye in a glass of water, the water becomes green. The water still exists, yet its become this green color due to its transparent nature. We are the transparent aware observer for which reality is allowed to take place in...just like the glass of water took the apparent shape/merging of the green dye..its one thing, not two. The transparency isn't a thing. It is the unknown.

    The transparency that is you isn't a tangible thing, therefore the reality that you observe isn't something thats 'out there'. It is you...and you are it. Not two=nonduality.  We are ONE..</span></span></span></span>

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