the mystery of god

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  1. the thing i dont understand is that so many people pretend to know what the bible is without reading it. it's like, hello... did you ever read exodus? does a burning bush seem familiar to you? (not weed ok)

    you cant get in the mind of god... all this disbelief makes me wanna be a muslim sometimes. at least they have two gods... well mohammad isnt exactly a god but they treat him like hes jesus or something. you know he had sex with prostitutes right? i mean jesus saved a prostitute. would you?

    sometimes i think the muslims are more down to earth.
  2. There is no god in my opinion.But i understand the fact that some religious people pretend to know all about god and they really dont know shit,so if ur gonna believe on something,at least educate yourself about ir first.
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    well yeah but if your going to criticize christians you should at least get a big enough sack to read through the bible once. did you know the term "powers that be" come from the bible? that's the main reason i cant agree that weed should just be legal. dont you think the people in power are in power for a reason and since weeds not legal theres a reason for that? thank goodness i have chronic (no pun intended... ok so there was) mental pain so i can get medical bud. colorado is an awesome state!
  4. Muslims... some of them are cool... but some of them are down right obnoxious... depends on character, I guess.
  5. yeah, id like to think that reasoning applies to everyone to an extent. maybe not alchemists though
  6. lol Nice burning bush pun... anyway, what's your point?
  7. i dont understand how people can believe in christianity. to flawed and far fetched for me.

    I am my own god.

  8. Every religion is too flawed and far fetched in my opinion.
  9. man going to church doesnt make you a christian. its about your personal relationship with god.
    christianity is more flawed than thinking you made the whole universe and yourself?
    uh... can't you read? you seem pretty smart. have you read revelations?
  10. Religion causes nothing but death imo.

    I agree though that people are rather ignorant when it comes to other religions, I havent read the bible since I was like 7 but I am going to pick it up one day and read it to see what all the fuss is about. :rolleyes:

  11. lol Funny you should ask buddy. I actually read all of Revelations coming down from acid.
  12. What's more personal than that?
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    nah man what I mean is that i would rather live by what I think than by what someone else feeds to me you feel?

    I never claimed to create the universe lol

    although if theres anything close to being 'God' its the universe itself.
  14. the bullshit? hmm, you created yourself huh?
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    i live by what i think too. and i think god is real because i met him.

    what? the universe created itself?

    let me give you an example: i might think some trick i met on the street is kind of cute. why do i think this? um, because i saw her with my own eyes maybe.

  16. I thought you said you 'heard' God...
  17. well if you believe in something enough you will eventually believe its real.

    the universe existing is a paradox.
    im saying if anything is close to being god its the universe because the the only reason youre alive is because the universe exists.
  18. We're created in god's image, no?

    We're not supposed to worship false idols, yes?

    Well..then who should we look to when looking for god beside ourselves?
  19. oh man, god is paradoxical or else how could he have created himself. the amazing thing about god is he's within you already. you just need to let yourself in enough to find him.

    heard, heart... yeah, basically the same idea. "look within" does that mean turn your eyes inside out?
  20. i totally agree that you look within and find god. but god =/= you.
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