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  1. Spent 40 mins outside a bar in 20 deg weather to give his drunk ass a ride home. Only for him to not have any bud left (my pay)
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    Today I got paid to stand around a parking lot for 7 hours.
    I found out the strange old dude i was workin with (1st time working same lot) the old dude
    snitched a
    black chick out for smokin 420 in the porta-crapper two days ago.
    black chick got fired. . so after the shift the supervisor drove us back to our cars and the strange dude was dropped off first so as soon as he was out of the van the supervisor said
    "I fuckin hate that guy." . While the sup may his own reasons for hating him, i kinda hate the guy too.
    For ratt-ing someone out for smoking bud/
    We stand around isolated, mostly empty parking lots within a 15-mile radius.
    .What a ASSHOLE TO Snitch

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    I had the best day once. It was about 10 a.m. I wake and bake, then I hit the road. It is bright and dewey. It was an early July morning. I float the river with an inner tube I purchased the year before. There is no one on the water except for me. I pass a guy and his boy looking at the water and playing fetch with their dog. I pass a fisherman. 2 kids pass me. I find some wine on the river, a full bag and some swimming trunks. I find a bag of "junk" By the rope swing. I think about what it would be like to be a user. I have to take the bus back and don't have a tube deflator so I hide the wine and my tube in a bush. And then come back to get it. Nobody had stolen the precious wine. I was only 19 so I was very excited to aquire wine even if it was warm. Was about to drink it a fine evening the next week, then got caught by a cop and searched with 3 dogs for my first "misdemeanor." I had no weed and was smoking my last *ahem* stem not even any flowers or shake, but still counted as possession of marijuana. He comes to my window and I open the door, instead of roll down the window. He asks why I am there. I say to chill, I had a long day. And he can see the bong between my legs when I open the door and sees smoke still coming out of it. Also had a glass of the wine poured with ice in my center console, took a sip, but did not get open container charges. They confiscated my homemade bong that I custom spray painted to hide the resination so when I would fill it in with water in Albertsons or Stinker or McD's, they wouldn't see the resin. I wanted to keep it forever tho. Talking to the cops was funny. They were like how did you get this alcohol n I'm all like "Found it on the river!! True story." Then they left and were like find a way home, you can't drive or we will pull you over again for separate DUI charge. I start walking.. Dont know what to do. I watch them pull out and then sit on the sidewalk a little freaked out.. Like I'm in biggest trouble ever. The law is gonna fuck me big time. I lay down and look at sky. Then after a good 15 minutes I get in my car and drive.
    Another funny story is, when I went to high school, I would keep my backpack in the trunk with my unspraypainted pitcher, a lighter, and the bag. Some days I would trip when kids saying. DRUG COPS ARE COMING TO THE SCHOOL TODAY!!" So after school and during lunch I could light up. My friend lived maybe 7-10 minutes from school and her parents worked so most days we could smoke in her garage or at least around the corner from her house. Lol her house was at the very very very back corner of the windy-est neighborhood. Every day at lunch, I would loop de loop through there to get to the very back corner. And lunch was only so long that we had to get high and then realize we had to go to class again so this drive time was crucial to be executed speedily. I would whip through all the turns and they would always be like "slow down!" Then one day I was driving to her house and I drove past neighborhood watch. This house with like 6 4 year olds living there, and as we whip back to her house. We park and go outside. A like 35 year old motorcycle dude comes speeding behind us and yells at us "I know where you live and what your car looks like!!" and I'm like a 17 year old girl and I'm just like - I'm sorry I will drive slower!! Never had any problems with them again.
    Then we would always have to leave at a set time or we would all be late to class.
    Sometimes I would be early to class and I'd just be stoned as fuck like waiting at the door or like the only person in the Room with the teacher and I'm just like "I am so high I am so high. Are there clouds around me I am so high." or those days when you are accidentally late and are like sorry I was eating my cup of noodles must have lost track of time my eyes are bloodshot. Dang it if I have to serve lunch detention we can't get high!!
    I stopped caring about my attendance and just got high instead some days.
    Then I had to spend like 4 days in lunch detention to make up for it.
    Watching people get kicked out of lunch detention is funny.
    I'd be fucking around on my calculator or something, then someone would yell "SIT UP STRAIGHT!"
    And I'd be like jeez I'm maculodegenerative can't I sit however is comfortable.
    I'm fucking doing my fucking vocabulary test review bitch
    I'm gonna get 100 nigga
    Another time it was a Friday night! We were 17/16/15 y.o.
    We had whiskey but couldn't bring it in the house.
    We park on the side and start taking shots.
    We take maybe 4 shots.
    Then one of her neighbors that looked like once of those French African-Americans walked out towards us slowly. They are like what do we do we gotta get out of here we have weed and whiskey! I drunk as fuck, turn the key, and struggle to have my foot touch the gas. I start driving my Buick really really slowly and with great struggle to drunkenly flee from him. We get around the corner and I am so drunk once we have crossed the corner I just park. We wait until it is safe to go back, then park and go inside.
    Another time we have a bottle of vodka and gummy bears. I say it is good to put gummy bears in bottom and raspberry juice it makes you drink it faster to get the gummy bears. We roast hot dogs. I eat a half cooked one. I end up so drunk like 2 hours later that I am running circles in the yard until I fall over and can't get up. Then they have to guide me down the stairs cause my vision is has reached mt.drunk

    Once my parents go out of town and I buy my first 80 sack. My friend rolls joints on the counter. And we smoke in the house. I can't be near them when I hit it cause I cough hard and embarass myself so I step into the back room. It tastes good. We smoke like 40$ of it then they pass out. N I'm just like in the living room playing rock band drums all night. Like singing the cure and Billy Joel.
  4. ️ not sure if serious
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  5. My day was pretty good. Up at 5:30 smoke a j have a shower and got train to work. Left at 2, got home and picked up now sitting in bed smoking.
  6. Just woke up its 2pm lol partied to much yesterday. Have a job interview at 3:30 for a job $14 an hour :)
  7. My day is going alright, bored af. I'm a teacher in Thailand, but they really have no respect for what it is that it takes me to plan my lessons and shit. Literally, at least two days of every week since Christmas, my teachers have either come in AFTER class has started and my students haven't showed to tell me that class was canceled for 'x' reason, or they've come in while I've been in the middle of a lesson, and straight up just been like, "Yo, I need to talk to them for the rest of your lesson."

    How tf am I supposed to be able to teach them everything they need to know and give them a final that they pass if I can't even make it through a whole lesson without being interrupted.

    Oh, and we're also legitimately not allowed to fail<span class="redactor-invisible-space"> the students, regardless of what they score. If it's under 50, you can either let them retest until they pass, or you can just change the score to 50.</span>
  8. My day started just after 2am when my prego's partner woke me to tell me it was time. Just after 4am my second son was born, It's now 10pm and I'm about to crash out.
  9. My day has hardly started. I hang with my 6 yr old while he plays quietly as the others sleep and i have my coffee. I had a tough weekend because my SO acts like a dick. Im determined today will be a positive day after i wake up properly, shower, and get everyone off to school. 😘
  10. Just woke up stayed at my dad's. Gonna go donate plasma for some $$.. work from 3pm til 11:30 about an hour away from me
  11. Now my GF is shit faced and having a breakdown, and I feel obligated to stay up and listen to her rant and moan, even though I have to be up in less than five hours and I'm pretty drunk myself... Went from really good day to meh real quick. The worst part is this happens every single time she gets this drunk.

    She should really just quit drinking. Everyone loves her sober, no one loves her drunk... Sad to say.
  12. Sounds like my gf but she rarely drinks lol

  13. Well man, the worst part is that every single time she has a melt down like this, it's her own damn fault. She starts something by saying what she believes is relatively innocuous, then it leads to a fight/argument/whatever. And I try so hard to help her, but drunk people don't want solutions to their problems. They just want to complain.

    Plus side, she agrees that she needs to stop drinking for a while too. She doesn't like having problems either, especially not with her family or me.

  14. It's ok. Drinking at work because I don't give a fuck.

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  15. My gf gets too fucked up.. she can barely walk and shit I have to help her to the bathroom

  16. Yeah, mine did that once too. I literally had to piggy back her to get food, because she was "so hungry she could die!", and then when we got to the restaurant, she ordered food and promptly put her head down and went to sleep. When the food came, I told the guy to just wrap it up to go, and then she proceeded to stumble to the toilet and (presumably, I didn't go in after her) puke her brains out for twenty minutes.

    She always tries to compare herself to me but 1) I weight almost a hundred pounds more than her and 2) I've been drinking whiskey for longer. She won't accept her limit for what it is, and it drives me up the wall.

    Ah, love. This day is going well though.Finished writing all of my final exams for my students and took them to the copy room, have been reviewing the exam with my students so they aren't caught off guard by what's on it, and watch a documentary on U.S. Recon Marines. I'll work out when I get home and then I'll play some SWTOR.

    I watched Hateful Eight last night and laughed my ass off for almost the whole thing. Highly recommend it for everyone who likes to laugh, even if you don't like Tarantino flicks. I normally don't, and I thought it was great.
  17. You're a stoner teacher?
  18. No, I live in Thailand(and have for about a year or so) teaching English at the moment. I used to be a daily toker for about four or so years, and I stopped when I moved here.

    Penalties for drugs here are way more than I'm willing to risk to get high. Plus, its more expensive for worse bud, from what my friends tell me. I'll be back stateside in about a month, and then I'll pick it back up.
  19. My day was pretty good, worked out, went to dental classes, and now off for a week break :). Time to smoke for a couple of days now that I'm off for a week and a half. Also what's a story without love. Me and this Aussie are getting it on ;). Haha cool thread by the way

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  20. Just got off work I worked at t bell then my main job been a long money making day. Now gonna smoke then go ti sleep going to Arizona tmmrw :)

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