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  1. Woke up, dinked around for a bit, went to class, took a biochem test that (was really hard). Decided I was going to get stoned tonight after the test because I felt deflated after it. Had 8 hours to complete the paper up till now and I just got really stoned and still have to finish paper. Maybe that was a bad choice lol oh well. Writing that was really hard, lol this is going to be a long night.

  2. ^ almost like that....

    Woke up tired. Hit the snooze button 10 times or so. Got to school a half hour late..... Just did a reveiw on graphs, probability/ satistics. Going to work on english a bit and dip early.
  3. I remember getting stoned before papers and yeah it's definitely harder depending on how much I smoked and the type of bud.

    Sometimes I'll read what I wrote and realize I'll write how I would talk a friend casually haha

  4. Went to pick up my paycheck from work like I do every Friday and always have since I started working.


    Checked with my managers and they said to cash it, it's legitimate. I don't fucking know, man but I'm happy as fuck.
  5. It's funny cause I really enjoy writing and it's probably the easiest subject for me. Then when I get stoned my writing gets really choppy and I start thinking that every sentence I write is a lie somehow, lol.
  6. Not much made a canna pudding pie today. And accidently got high from the left over mixing bowls.

    Got an amazing body zaped buzz going on, and work starts in 2 mins
  7. Today just started ( at least for my tired self) so I'll share yesterday.

    Woke up and went to class, supr tired cause we have classes during Dead Week and ALL the assignments and last minute tests happen during dead week.
    Backstory: There's this girl i'm super into but she has a girlfriend from highschool, so I'm biding my time until they vbreak up. Anyway she's been giving me very positive signs lately and last night we got stoned and had dinner and I took her to a Christmas concert. Great choice. Concerts are so fantastic when stoned. So after the concert we were trying to find my friend in the concert when my parents come up behind me and scare me so bad lol I was so nervous talking to them. We left and made gingerbread cookies and got tacos and it was a fantastic day. Fingers crossed, I'll win her over and she'll dump the old girl for me. [​IMG]
  8. I'm only just up today, weekend was awesome though.

    Broke up with my boyfriend last Thurs so fucked off down south to visit the sister and boy in law, spent 2 whole days getting high and putting up Xmas decorations.
  9. Took a Discrete Mathematics final exam. It was really nerve recking , I have it with one of the hardest math professors at my university (FIU). For those who are taking finals .. May the curve be with you . But after wed I'm bringing out the rig to dab my winter break away
  10. [​IMG]

    Worked and then got this from my roommate. Super dank.
  11. good so far. Chilled in a.m.
    went to pick up a gram.
    got "Abusive OG" (Ind.)
    hit the home made bong. milky hits.
    im waiting for the mexicans to get off my roof,
    they puttin on a new one. if friday guys
    go away so i can smoke!
    Its almost 4:20
    ill try and post some pics.

  12. Today I was hungover and pulled over to vomit in a church parking lot, didn't realize until after puking that there was still a group of people standing in the parking lot, talking and looking at me. Oops :laughing:
  13. Good day so far, bought some last minute xmas beverages in the morning, now just chilling at home before heading to see the family.

    Happy Holidays Folks!
  14. Got up got high drive down to the cities to see my fam about to leave my mom's and go to my dad's
  15. so I worked tonight until 10pm and then I decided I wanted to smoke some ganja before I went home, so I meet my friend how organizes a bag for me because tbh its pretty dried up around here now. I meet the dealer he sent me too and he hops in my car and we go for a spin to his house to get the bag. (now let me just say im not that regular of a smoker but I would smoke at least twice a week , hell I was high on Christmas day!). He goes in to get the bag and after about ten minutes he returns. My phone is dead so I get him to write his number on a piece of paper while im in the car. the exchange goes down and I offer him a lift anywhere else. he says he has to go meet a guy in a nearby town to get money and I say ok. We go on journey and we smoke a joint on the way while im driving, eventually getting to the location. the guy comes and meets us and theyre talking for the whole time while also exchanging money and a bag. it was at the is point I knew this man was a proper drug dealer and it scared me, he was telling me all about his life and how he parties all the time and never sleeps and takes copious amounts of drugs(all kinds), and then it concerned me to ask him about his profession. and I used that time to educate me of a life that I would not like to lead. the guy didn't offend me or anything but I asked him about his partying lifestyle and about the money he spent on drugs and I was just shocked. oh also we sold another two bags along the way home too. anyways I thought I should tell someone so I told the internet. btw weed and most drugs are illegal where im from and the cops are clamping down hard around here so I was kind of worried and paranoid the whole time too
  16. Insomnia [​IMG]

    7am yesterday and it's 5:34am right now not even tired
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    i woke up from a really odd dream involving holding my urine in my bladder for a lover in the midst of nonsense on a street and running from a bar fight. woke up. wake and baked.... turned on an interesting tv series called 'the 100' on netflix about space and the earth in the future. watched a few episodes. now i'm really high and don't know where my afternoon went.... but i also have a crazy spiritual connection earlier listening to music and felt my subconscious telling me interesting things. now i'm reading into a few things and writing song lyrics....

  18. Grilled some corn on the cob and shrimp for an early lunch. Spent the afternoon troubleshooting our dryer and found the problem. Watching some football now, waiting for the Vikings game!
  19. Skol!!!!!
  20. Woke up at 7am, trying to get back into school schedule. I know, so early for a college student! Fed my friends' pets cause he's in Florida running a marathon. I'm unfortunatel pretty dry right now so I smoked stems today with keef on them. Tal;king to a hopeful girlfriend today, and I picked bugs from water samples from Iceland. Got to get ready for an internship with that lab and then going to Iceland all summer, holy shit. (I'm from little old Bozeman, MT so it's a big deal lol). Been pet sitting my friend's lizard so she showed up to pick up the lizard with a big bottle of wine for me so now I'm cross faded and still talking to the girl.

    Life is prety good right now!


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