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The munchies

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, May 15, 2006.

  1. hey lets have a list of some of everyones favorite munchies when their high. some of mine is pound cake and chips and salsa.:smoking:
  2. pwncakes?
  3. Very nice post hoast it just goes to show how much stuff you can really find if you use the search button. I advise all people to Search b4 they post, just incase its already been done and your answer is out there. Comeon people don't fall into the 'lazy stoner' steriotype.
  4. taco bell ...
  5. These are good and are always a kick. Real snack, no joke.
    I can remember in my middle school days when my friend was eating a bag of these in keyboarding class and my teacher caught him. Well, she took the bag and walked to her desk, and my friend yelled out, "Mrs. Mason's got the munchies!" and immediately after that this weird african-american girl shouts out, "Mrs. Mason's been smoking the herb!" Proceeding with tons of laughter from everyone in the room.
  6. Dude the cheddar cheese munchies are fuckin awesome:hello:
  7. pussy. if it's been a while and you need a it

  8. haha +rep cus you made me laugh, plus its one of my favorite meals.
  9. haha thanks man. who doesn't love pussy!?
  10. the gays obviously:p (no offense at all) why ask such a question? its a good one though
  11. what was that thing we used to eat all the time, oh yeah thats right, pussy

    but yeah i think between the cottons and possible pubic hair, i'll pass till we're in the shower, yeah i would definitely go with taco bell, save a bun, eat a taco

  12. DUDE i just had 3 slices of pwncake ... omg my stomach is going to burst!

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