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The Munchies!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by viewfair, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Hello Grasscity! So, I smoke at night, always after 9, and i stay up until about 2am, so I smoke from 9-2 or in that time line, anyways when I do smoke it's to help me sleep and relax, however, I get so hungry when I smoke, and every night.. night after night, i raid my kitchen:smoke:. Anyway I can stop this? I'm never going to lose weight if I continue considering eating junk food is bad, then eating it at night just adds onto it. I'm considering quitting the herb.. or only doing it in the day, which really won't help me unless I'm with friends:D
  2. Gah, i have that same problem. Spring's coming up so ya gotta get fit soon:/ Anyways, I have a few methods that recently started helping. If you dont really wanna stop eating while having the munchies, surround yourself with A LOT of healthy foods. No, not the granola bars or fruit snacks, but the actual fruit. The logic in that is when you're really high, anything will taste like jesus haha! So why not a giant healthy salad without a lot of dressing? Or a fruit platter (random: be careful with bananas. eat too many and you're at high risk of dying from potassium poisoning) eating mangoes is the best, allegedly they make you feel higher and for longer so hey, not so bad for a munchie food! but also, drinking sugary drinks before and after smoking helps curb it too as long as you can control how much you drink. last night i did this thing (which was successful) where i got two giant water bottles and told my friends i was with that "i am not allowed to have any snacks until i drink this ALL." and by having them enforce it, i drank it all and by the time i was done, i wasnt really hungry anymore and full from all the water.


    and if all else fails, sunchips make me feel more confident after i munch into them so hey, at least you dont feel guilty!
  3. Stock up on fresh fruit, it tastes awesome to begin with, but when you've got the munchies, thats a whole different story.

  4. Hahah, it's funny because I've done almost everything you said, it's true, everything tastes better high, so lately instead of snacking, i've been trying to eat just one meal that's healthy, it's costly to buy so many fruits :/, and yes Sunchips are soo tasty, and good for you, or at least not that bad. I'm going to have to pick up some sunchips and fruits, and man.. I go through like 4 bottles of water in one night, I get fed up drinking the water and want to eaaat :p
  5. Oh yeah, the mango thing really only works if you eat the mango a good half hour before you smoke.
  6. try to eat before hand and have a small snack ready for when you toke

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