The Munchies

Discussion in 'General' started by Miss_X, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. We've all had them what's your favorite thing to snack on when they hit?

    My personal favorite: Pepperoni

    in fact, i'm eating some right now!

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  2. You must be really hungry man.
  3. Id have to say

    cheese and onion potato chips
  4. onion rings.....the crips i mean, not real ones..........Peace out..........Sid

    and washed down with ice cold milk
  5. Rice Crispy Treats > than all

    or if you don't have that, Redi-Whip is a nice subsitute.
  6. Cookies and Cream ice cream!!
  7. i have to say cookies, but i dont tend to eat much when im high, i feel hungry but after having my mate eat me out of house and home i lernt to control it lol
  8. fruit roll ups.. hmmm fruit roll ups
  9. can ne1 say burritos they sell @ gas stations!!!!
  10. Hmmm in Australia, I dont know if anywhere has em, cadbury makes premixed thickshakes like flavoured milk, sounds pretty average but they are the most sugar overloaded sweetest thing too drink while stooooned, and a service station hotdog just to make ya really sick while youre there.

  11. you got that
    Sweet is the way to go....

    I'd have to say......Im looking right now hang on a sec...
    ok this is all i have yogurt...fuc_! I guess its a sweet healthy

  12. After all the talk i slamed down the yogurt i had left to snack
    on...need one more..
  13. fuck, everything, the munchies can get pretty bad at times with me hehehe
  14. I like those partyring biscuits, cookies, chocolate fingers,'s so nice, chocolate buttons, chocolate..etc,etc,etc,etc....
  15. I love to eat a sandwhich with lots of Mayo, than cheese, turkey, honey han, and roast beef you cant, I ate 3 of those in a row one time. BUT! They're to god damn hard to make when you're stoned plus my parents room is right next to the kitchen so I have to be wicked quite
  16. few people have a sweeter tooth than i, but i feel i must stand up for healthy munchies. few things can beat a juicy pear, melon slice, banana or kiwi fruit.

    general munchies include an assortment of various styles of toasted sandwiches! :D
  17. Bagles, Pizzia or going to Denny's, IHOP or espescially the Waffle House! Those are the best munchie snacks and resturants...Peace WG
  18. well any fast food works for mee but i like chips and salsa.......and snickers cruncher bar.........and a blizzard from DQ......chillie dogs.........taco bell.......pop lots of pop...or a powerade im hooked on the matrix ones

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  19. damn peach cobbler with ice cream sounds like jesus!!!

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