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The Munchie experiment(How to stop Them)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dubbz08721, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. #1 dubbz08721, Feb 10, 2009
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    Some of you may remember reading my question of how to stop the munchies
    Well after a week of experimenting with various different approaches (Many of which you guys at GC posted :hello:) I have come to some very interesting Conclusions.

    Fruit- So some of you mentioned try using a healthy snack as an alternative. So I went ahead and ordered myself some Harry and David Pears and Apples. Now if you don’t know who they are, Well lets just say they are the Porsche Of Pears. Once they came in I was Ecstatic to try them. So I lit a bowl of some local skunk I sat down and watched some television with one of my new pears. IT WAS DELICIOUS the most amazing thing I tasted so naturally I wanted another. Long story short I at 2 and a half pears. These pears were twice the size of a grapefruit. So it didn’t stop the munchies and was probably just as bad. They are full of natural sugars, which turn into carbs and fats. YIKESS

    Gum- Sorry to say but what a terrible idea. I smoked a joint in my garage came in to play some video games. Put in a piece of 5 gum(lush) My mouth immediately started watering and I was forced to get up and go to the kitchen. Gum was the "gateway" munchie.

    Will Power- Probably the 2nd best idea I was told. SO I smoked a half a blunt of some local dank and I started watching a movie. I was good All through out the movie. I wouldn’t budge at all. I had a couple glasses of water, which felt great (I truly do recommend drink cold water while high) but all in all I felt sick almost. MY stomach was grumbling the whole time and I just felt starving. Like I needed to eat. Kind of was a buzz kill.

    Friends- some people said go out with friends. It was a great idea. I smoked like 3 bowls and went to the mall with my friends. Wasn’t worried about food at all. I had a great time. Didn’t feel sick or nothing. Only problem with this is the fact that I like to smoke my sticky icky and relax at my house. I really don’t feel like go out and about and running around. I want to get couch locked and laugh my ass off.

    SMOKE MORE- This worked ok. I smoked like a 4-5 grams in a blunt with 2 other heads. I was high off my ass. We were all just chilling laughing at random shit. We would make up movie ideas and shit. So eventually we popped in a movie. Sure as shit next thing i know im in the kitchen and I am bringing mad food out. Kind of failed. I ate a lot of food and smoked a lot of weed.

    So the winner of this is...
    Slim Fast- So while I was food shopping I was Thinking healthy and filling. Then it hit me. A GC member said that slim fast works. So I buy slim fast hunger control bars. I eat one bar and I am set for the night. They taste WILD good and they are so filling. They are easy to get down the hatch and one does the job. I actually ate one tonight and I am not even hungry at the moment and I am writing a whole story about food. It’s amazing what they can do. I recommend anyone with munchies control problems try slim fast.

    That’s my conclusion folks. I hope I helped some of you out in the long run!
  2. Thank you thank you thank you.

    I had to stop and I dropped about ten pounds, but now that I have started up again I've gained quite a bit of weight. This is awesome.
  3. Good info man, thanks for this!
  4. +rep, nice informative guide. I'll have to pick some of those Slim Fast bars up :smoke:
  5. Or you could just raid the fridge and say fuck it (Im am really baked and this problem arose but then I found Ramen.) :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  6. +rep great experiment man.
    i've had horrible munchies today.
    i ate a whole box of lemonade girl scout cookies.
    half a big ass bag of puffy cheetos
    some candy
    3 chicken potato burritos
    and drank mad amounts of grape juice.
    im full to bursting but im still craving haha
  7. Lol thats what I was trying to avoid mate. Its about beat the munchies NOT the munchies beating you!
  8. i think i might give the slimfast bar idea a shot,
    but idk if im gonna be able to eat just one. is it bad to eat multiple bars at once?
  9. I would recommend only eating one. Just eat it very slow taking tiny bites enjoying the flavor and chewing the HELL out of it. Then drink something like water or Diet Mountain Dew (my favorite). By the time your done you will feel full!
  10. sounds like you guys are waging quite the battle with the munchies, i dont really get the munchies its weird. usually it takes away my hunger, but every once in awhile i get them really bad, so i usually smoke more and end up just chillin haha
  11. #11 WherezMyLighter, Feb 10, 2009
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    I don't really get the munchies too bad man, but I know where you coming from. Sometimes I'll make a sandwich or something before I blaze though, and that eliminates any hunger during my high.

    Simple, eat right before you smoke.
  12. I just carry an old picture of my ex wife with me. If I have the munchies and don't want to eat I whip it out and take a good long look. Appetite gone, like magic!
  13. Dude natural sugars in fruit are good for you. My solution for munchies is eat a LOT of really healthy food like fruit, oats, and organic whole milk, and just go out behind my house in the woods and just start walking/running. Just go for like 3 hours and it'll be an amazing experience. Bring water, though.

    Slim fast actually sounds nasty to me..

    I also recommend avocado when you're at home.
  14. I do this.. except I like Power Bars and ThinkThin bars much better :) mmmm!
  15. This is indeed a major issue. I've found myself eating raw peanut butter out of the jar because of the munchies. Shameful yet delicious.
  16. Props for a very good guide. Usually if I eat real food (meal type food) I wont crae food dring my high.
  17. I like the slimfast Milkshakes
  18. Just do a few lines, and you wont eat for like two days haha.

    Or pop some adderall.
  19. nice tips..

    but i just eat before, so wen u chief, ur all set 2 feel and enjoy ur
    high, without a need 2 demolish a kitchen of food.
  20. Thanks man, I've been looking for away to settle my stomach without eating a years supply of food. +rep fo sho

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