The munchie chronicles; Night 1

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    Whats up blades. 7relos.

    Tonight I took about two baster fulls (idk, this little bottle had some kind of thing that worked like a turkey baster for a lid. idk what else to call the resivior of a turkey baster...) of Liquid THC, mixed in with peppermint oil. it tasted mediocre but very strong, like a bottle of vodka. anyways. i took 2 baster fulls and swallowed it. nothing happened immediately, not even for a few hours. it wasnt until i got on the bus stop and it was cold as shit out right so i curled up in a ball and put my arms to my chest inside of my hoodie and shirt, and then made sort of a seal around my sunglasses and thought i was a fucking storm trooper...

    so i got home and like ran the entire way. for no reason... i figured i got cotton mouth bad and munchies, what can i eat to relieve both? I experimented with my various leftovers, and pulled out mashed potatoes. i microwaved it for about 45 seconds but it was too cold. so i microwaved it for a nother #45 seconds!! anyways, sorry im fuckin RAZZED. haha i just invented that shit there. RAZZZZ

    okay, so i found some little cheese noodle things that look like little cheesy tapeworms, and i knew i liked it before cause i remember eating some unique shit llike that, so i figured id put this shit ON TOP of the potatoes. so dump the tapeworm noodles in the tupperware with the potatoes, and microwaved that shit for about a minute. i pulled it out and dug into that shit. it felt like i was eating stale noodles with hot ass mashed potatoes because the microwaving ratio wasnt the same. so dont bother with this one, unless they arent bothered by my opinion.

    then i figured i'll take a PBJ. so i get out the shit and realise i have little bagel things. so im like why not cream cheese bagel?

    i then remember peanut butter makes your cottonmouth worse. so i look for the cream cheese and the shits not there, so i just use jam after a hissy fit. the bagel thingys (pretty sure thats the actual name) were kinda tough about 50% of the time so it was a pain. microwaving it made it taste kinda gross though. all in all 3/5

    Then i figured just do the same with the bread. so i made a jelly sandwich then found nesquik in my cabinet and decided it would taste good on the sandwich. so i sprinkled it on. the sandwich gave me slight cotton mouth, but whenever i would eat the crust it was especially bad. cut the crust if you want. 7/10 could have been better.

    i also made nesquik and that soothes the cottonmouth nicely. perhaps chocolate things made cotton mouth go away?ill be testing next time but for tonight, im full. check back for more munchie cronichles, every time im high.

    good will to all of my brothers here. (and sisters)
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