The movie "Reefer Madness"

Discussion in 'General' started by MeanGreen, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. I dont know how many of you have seen this but, i found it at my house and i read the back of it... here's the little explanation of the movie from the back of it:

    "Earning unexpected success as a classic cult film, this anti-pot motion picture attempts to warn the public to stay away from marijuana by suggesting that smoking cannabis could lead to incurable insanity(wtf?). The controversy that resulted over the release of this movie pressured Congress to pass laws making marijuana illegal. Created in the 1930s, it tells the story of Bill (Kenneth Craig) and Mary (Dorothy Short), two high school students who get involved with dope dealers and become addicted to marijuana(lol). Jimmy (Carleton Young) and Ralph (Dave O'Brien) do anything to feed their habit, ignoring the adverse consequences it has on them and their friends."

    so if i'm correct...these bitches made weed illegal?!?
  2. Good movie. Ive seen it a few time and should own it. Another cool cult movie is freaks. It was banned for ages.

  3. i heard it was a hilarious movie to watch (expecially when stoned) and i wanna see it but im too lazy to go find a copy
  4. I's a funny movie to watch stoned, with NO factual basis!!!! :smoking:
  5. those assholes they suck getting pot banned
  6. there's a DVD out with Reefer Madness, Marihuana & one other anti-marijuana movie all on one disc. They're pretty outrageous movies, it's funny to watch. I know it is angering politically, but they're fun to watch wondering what my grandparents thought of these movies when they came out :D
  7. hey, ive not seen the movie yet, but you guys hould deffinatly check out , they have a shit load of old weird movies.... i dont know if they have reefer madness but who knows... take a look
  8. Imagine the times when that film was made, by bigots and big business,everyone sat in front of the tv if they owned one,the whole family and even the neighbor. it scared mothers and was very affective in informing people of a threat that was not in there area or lives for that matter,,histeria from fear causes finger pointing at those assumed to be freaked out, now harry can address the congress to ban it.
  9. whoa! reform maryjane laws is back...looks like all the old schoolers are returning

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