The movie Blow

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  1. How much do you guys know about the story in real life?

    how much is fictional, how much money does George Jung have, what ever happened to Tuna? etc.

    I fuckin love this movie.
  2. Well George actually did that shit. He was the biggest coke pusher of his decade and a bit more. I think Tuna went a little more far in the movie than real life probably. Thats one of those characters thats just "hollywooded" in to give you someone to like. I'd say they prolly moved out to Cali and sold weed, and maybe it stopped there?

    And he was really fuckin with Pablo Escabar, you should read up on that guy he was really that bad of a dude irl
  3. The ending isn't true, he would have got something like life in prison but he sold out some dudes and got a reduced sentence. when he was importing large amounts of weed he took like 10 hits of acid every day or some shit. He was a lot more of a drug addict than the movie lets on.
  4. Read the book
  5. its fairly true to the actual story, although the movie definitely puts george in a more heroic light, like the guy above me said. read the book.
  6. loved the movie... he had a crazy life ima have to read up on him i couldn't believe how many times he got fucked over...
  7. All right fellas this movie is the complete and full story of George Jung. He would not sign the contract for the release of the movie with his name in it until every detail as correct. Yea Tuna might have been a little hollywoodized but every part about scene where Johnny Deep is playing George is all true every story is true which is so great. He also gets out of jail in one or two years i forget the date but you can look it up online. This movie is a biography. While he was selling if anyone in the US did blow there was a 85% chance it came from him and Diego which is also a fact. Great movie changed my life. He averaged 5 grams a day of coke and is still alive the picture of him at the end of the movie is actually him and shows what that kinda lifestyle will do if you can survive it

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