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Discussion in 'General' started by chickflick91, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. too rewarding. has to be wasted. otherwise its like bummer i lost 300 dollars but at least i get a handjob
  2. almost there. 12 more days. then i rest. then i go again. and so on
  3. hardest day yet. at one point i even asked for a hug. never got to that level of hard before. chick didnt hug me though. making things worst. 3 more hours to go. then i get only 2 hours of sleep. pain pain pain. no hugs. but ill get those damn 30
  4. tough one. nearly fell asleep inside my coffee mug. made it somehow. just a little bit more to go
  5. 3 hours to go today. man 30 days can be a stretch. just 10 more. in a few days the last week... the last 2 days. last day. last hour. freedom.
  6. Don't get one view of the world. There is so much out there.
  7. easy day. starting to fear what will come after the 30. usually i just couldnt win. would last as long as i could. and then break and feel like shit no matter what. this time im actually going to win. so celebrating will feel good and just. usually due to feeling like shit i would get back on the horse and try again in about 4 days. i wonder if ill feel justified this time in taking more time off before the next prison
  8. for a second there i thought to break. get a favorite to eat. say what the fuck. but im too close now arent i. rough night ahead. 9 days. almost at the last week
  9. why does it suddenly hurt today. just abit more. victory will be sweet
  10. last week. 7 long days. the rest i ate nothing but new foods. its working i think. its not as tempting to break. there isnt that thought of how sweet it would be. break now cause its meaningless and get a burger. i need to get to a point im like this for years. and on offer im like "what? but i already ate that once. what? eat the same thing twice. thats weird". if its weird you win. if its easy you lose
  11. tired as fuck. 5 days left. 5 hard days. on the one hand the closer to the end the harder it gets. the more i think of breaking. on the other hand its just impossible. cause come the fuck on. only 5 days. 1 month does seem the optimal amount for me right. bursts of one month strength. ill keep making those till i naturally become strong enough for two months bursts. and so on
  12. almost done. 2 easy days. then 2 final days. and its over. couldnt have done it without you
  13. x. starting up again. one month defeated. now for the next. and again and again. wish me luck.
  14. Stop smoking crack
  15. trying.. can a person become more disciplined? or are some just more than others?
  16. Lymphoma isn't worth it.

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