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  1. I think this is less about a conversation and more about the op having some weird conversation with himself. *leaves thread*
  2. *comes back* listen op can't just do ya like that. Wacth some of boogie2988 videos about weight loss and food addiction on YouTube. Could be helpful. Take care and stay strong man. I've been addicted to other things so I can sort of identify. Just know you can do it. If I can kick it any one can. Stay golden poney boy.
  3. i wrote i have a rule to post daily. so yea ill talk with myself if i have to. for me its a method of motivation. the point of this thread. works so far. partially. even though i broke once. still im performing more strongly than i would have without the existence of this thread. failure needs observers to shame
  4. felt like breaking for a moment. made a rule to write a post if im in front of my computer when ever i feel that sort of moment. well moment passed
  5. Been trying to buy a planet fitness but their making me jump through hoops.

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  6. again considered breaking. so again i post. its the waking up so god damn early. its always either food or sleep that breaks me. why are those two so hard?
  7. what a rough morning it is to make me post twice. but ill make it. it give me strength that there is this separation between pain and relief
  8. Negative emotions as a motivational tool...? <_<

    GET OUTTTA THAT RACK AND HIT THE DECK, NANCY! One! Two! Three! Four! Hup hup! Asses and elbows! Early bird gets worms, let's go!

    :bongin: Does that help?

    Edit: on further reading, it seems your motivation involves losing weight. Getting up and doing stuff helps with that, too. ;)
  9. again i must post for the mere passing notion of breaking. feels shaming to me to do it so often. comments like my having a conversation with myself. but i made a rule to post every time a notion to break passes in my head if im near the computer. its logical. dont know why i should care. if in the end it results in my lasting longer thats all that matters
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  10. Hey, if it works. ;)

    What worked for me was to reduce my portion sizes...gradually. Over a lifetime. Now I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want, because I get full sooner. A normal portion of lasagne, for example, would be too much for me. I would be full halfway through it.

    I don't know if that helps. :confused_2: If this thread is what works for you, then I'm all in favor of it.
  11. again a notion to break. again i feel bad to post about it. but i break in one thing ill break in another
  12. sounds difficult to reduce portion. like eating half a hamburger each time. it would just lave this nag in my mind that wants to eat it right
  13. sleep debt is getting rough today. ill make it today. if it went on like this i might have broken ina few days. will make up sleep debt friday and saturday. imagine if god hadent rested on the 7th day of creation. we would all be fucked
  14. rules dictate i must stay awake another hour. feels so hard. im not really tired. cause i drank coffee. just exhausted. every motion sluggish. this thread will take me to tomorrow. i just cant write in public i coulndt make it for just one more hour
  15. so 6 days since i posed. i know i have a rule to post everyday. but at the moment it doesnt specify within the same thread. i started several motivation threads you see. my solution to my shame of posting on every single notion of breaking. so instead of making 20 posts a day in one thread. i each time on a thought to break write about it in a different thread. so the method is working for me so far. i havent broken in 10 days. im going for 30. i dont think its a good idea not to set an end date. seems despairing. so 20 more to go. lets do it
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    another day defeated. im on a good roll. i think ill make it to 30. eat something nasty and start over again. i wish i didnt have this disposition of holding breaking holding breaking. i really dont understand the mentality so many people have that allows them to hold in a discipline like diet or exercise for decades. how do you do a thing without an end date?
  17. point of easy. wish it could stay. it cant. i find when something fucked up happens in life i break in these negligible quests of mine. point of fuck it. should come any day now. like was said in count of monte cristo. life is a shit storm. im just walking forward waiting to be hit by a turd in the face any day now
  18. not sure what to do. i slept for 1 hour. worked for 9. i have a rule that says i should work 2.5 more before going to sleep. but being on so little sleep i can barely keep my head up, coffee isnt helping. my mind is looking for a justification why its alright to go to sleep early. not sure i should allow it to look for such. there is no justification. its settled. im not going to sleep. also added yesterday a rule that if i break before the 30 days i have to throw away 300 dollars. money waste motivation. give it to a homeless i guess. now the only question is how to spend the next 2 and a half hours. i think ill go to a cafe to continue working. im just far less likely to fall asleep in a populated environment. plus it helps not to be in the same room as my bed. thank you oh great motivation thread. in the past i always broke in these spots
  19. its been two weeks. im tired. im hungry. can i break now? no? guess it would be sweet to manage the month. point pf breaking pain. dangerous thing. ill try to make it. shit aint easy.
  20. you should take that 3 hundo and get yourself a handjob.

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