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  1. weaker than id like to be. was looking for a method of motivation. figured a post a day in some forum making a declaration will yield better performance. starting declaration:

    1. trying to only eat things ive never eaten before. will update how it goes

    feel free to share your own goals. in attempt of sucking some motivation from online strangers
  2. Be grateful for the bad days since I'm still around to have them..

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  3. Quit smoking and replace it with exercise
    Look for a job in sales
    Go to church every Sunday
    Read a book a week
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  4. You didn't watch Strengthcamp by any chance, did you? :)
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  5. In my opinion - motivation arrives when the pain of living your present life, becomes greater than whatever pain it will take to change your situation..
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    Read, Meditate, Exercise, Go out, Talk to people.

    If you think you need medication or therapy to get on that path then do it and slowly replace Medication and Therapy with Marijuana and Relationships

    This is what works for me. Also find a mentor/support group and do something new, something you've never done.
  7. That is true. I remember in JROTC i learned the phrase . "Pain is weakness leaving the body."

    And yes eventually doing nothing gets so painful that only by doing something painful will the pain subside. it's a paradox to me
  8. so posting here did work for me. wanted eat one for the old familiar devils but resisted. several times just the thought of this thread kept me from it. some method are only effective in the starting phases but im counting on this one to last longer. so i didnt eat the burger i wanted. took a bus till inspiration descended. ate a mushroom. roll. it was disgusting. mission accomplished. the point of my rule to only eat new foods is to subside my addiction to my favorites. do you think i t will work or will i just get as addicted to trying new foods as i am now addicted to all my favorite junk foods?
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    another tough day. i try to live by rules. its important not to break. problem is when i break in one not to break in others. broke in one out of guilt. only kept from breaking in my new foods rules because o this thread. another rule o my stipulating that if i break i have to write here first. didnt have access to writing here. so i didnt break. now i just need to survive 3 and a half hours of night work. i i break i promise you this. ill post here first
  10. One foot in front of the other, keep moving.

    Don't stop, don't look back.:coolalt:
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  11. mundane as it may feel make no mistake today was defeated. the only thing keeping me from buying tasty tasty food being this thread. here comes another. to one thing i do commit above all. should i break ill write about here first. it is the shame of that prospect that fuels me. does anybody else here ever uses negative emotions as tools?
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  12. lasted a third day. i love it and i hate it. im proud and im hungry
  13. easy day. tomorrow is hard. not allowed coffee. so many rules...
  14. I have young children. At the end of the day, it is a miracle if I was able to bathe myself, do needed cleaning and maybe just MAYBE fart out 30 mins to an hour of "free time". Even typing this message is a luxury.

    So as a motivation, anyone reading this without young kids who think they have "no time" to achieve a desired goal, I implore you to volunteer to babysit a family member or friends kids, you will come out of the experience inspired by your child free lifestyle and infinite freedom.

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  15. alas i must break. when made to rules that came to contradict each other. and when one thing breaks all is broken. a thing i find very difficult in discipline is not to completely fall apart in everything if i break my discipline in one thing. like how to not say fuck it as to going on run. if i broken my diet. anyone has any advice about that?anyway one thing i am doing right is posting here before breaking. inciting some shame. in this case doesnt matter as i have contradicting rules. there is no way out. but for next time im hoping maintaining the discipline of posting here first will save me
  16. I'm gonna go out a limb here and just assume the op has food addictions which caused him to be obese and then he's on a diet now, to get better ? Where forced on him or on purpose the outcome is what
    Matters. Listen op, you can do this ! Don't break man! Also you might want to join a weight loss forum... might get better answers there. But DONT GIVE UP
  17. never give up. never surrender. food is a monster. started again today. was hard but i made it!
  18. Really could use some info op..
  19. It's a fucking battle, anything is. That's what clicked it for me. Looked at all my mental issues as a swordfight between me and a motherfucker trying to stop me. If I blink, I twitch, I hestitate, then my blood is sprayed all over the canvas.

    It's a brutal method, but it's like training a muscle. You'll know, every time a thought of surrender crosses your mind - I want this food, I don't want to do this work, I want to sleep later, I'm too scared to say this, what if she says no, what if I can't win this match, what if I fail the exam, I don't want to work another hour - anything. The solution for me was to see that, recognize it as an enemy, and will the inner forces of discipline to defeat those thoughts.

    It becomes a game of rewards, in the end. This workout will make me stronger. Eating this instead of that will make me healthier. If I ask, and she says yes, I might get my dick sucked tonight. The extra hour at work will benefit my business immensely. There's a switchpoint, which is hard to reach, but once you reach it, and realize the reward of discipline, it's hard to turn back.

    Different for urrbody tho
  20. i tried motivating myself with rewards. it didnt really take. addictions are too strong. things like hunger and sleep. lets say a thing is important to me. like breaking a record. like making someone proud. there is an amount of hours awake at which i just stop giving a fuck. i just lose the emotion that makes me myself. the emotion of importance is just suddenly not there.

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