The Mothman

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SereneSmoker, Oct 19, 2003.

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  1. I have been reading severall articles about the \"Mothman\" and it has been kinda described as a humaniod with red glowing eyes, well I cant remeber but here is one of the address mothman.htm

    Man, the \"city\" makes me paranoid.
  2. Yay I know this place has been making me think alot more about this stuff.
  3. I do believe the whole mothman prophecies took place not too far from where I live. Thats a scary thought!!!! Glad I\'m stoned.........
  4. Man I dont know I am sober and the thought of a big moth mutation, or it could be a alien source, really makes me paranoid< I NEED TO BE STONED RIGHT NOW BEFORE I GO TO SCHOOL!
  5. Man fuck I dont know it could be real, MIB did harass people who has seen it, and then as the Silver Bridge collasped, all of the people to see have seen the mothman died when it collasped.
  6. Of all the articles that have spoke of the mothman, then about the people who died, mainy of them has reported that thye have seen the mothman died when the bridge collasped becuase they were oon the bridge they fell ibto the river and drowned.Or maybe I am kinda crazy.
  7. Shit man if you want it to make sense you have to wait till i am and for the body thing if you mean the mothman it just like disappeared so if it is real it could be dead and just not found yet, or it could alive and in hiding or something like that. Man, I tried hard to do better with my grammar I hope people can read it, man I am a twit DAMNIT! LOL that is fun!< Serene

    Oh wait a second I see what you mean now I meant to say that most of the people who have died when the bridge collasped has reported to have seen the mothman.
  8. lol, that\'s a thought told, but i don\'t think bigfoot is an alien, that\'s just me tho, it could very well be, who the hell knows for sure eh! but i believe there could be a mothman. like there\'s apparently an underground world of species, crosses between human and animal, insects and probly more than we care to know. well me lol.........ever hear of that. i used to work night shifts at the hospital and i\'d listen to art bell coast to coast and he was always talkin aboot something wild.

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