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  1. [​IMG]

    How much u think that weighs?!
  2. Holy SMOKES!
    Who cares...Looks AMAZING! Yummy.
  3. Ounce and half? And damn i want, I want, give maybe?
  4. You HAVE to use it as a pillow.
  5. FINALLY! Now we can play "You call that a nug? No, this is a nug!"
  6. Wow!! thats mental. You know the story behind it? rammed full of nutes or just a one-off beast of a nug? I mean, imagine the size of plant that came from... Now that I look at it it does kinda look like lots of buds stuck together lol.
  7. sooo dank. high times
  8. Im with the guy, it does look like a bunch of nugs pressed together.
  9. Nice nug :smoke:

    you should check out aussie big bud, or whatever its caaled, now thats some big nugs
  10. I just wanna rub my dick all over that
  11. All praise be to the divine mother-nug.
  12. It's a compressed amount of nugs, not one solidary nug, still cool none the less.
  13. Honestly, even if it is nugs pressed to gether, I would lick a goat to get that.
  14. [quote name='"jacktown"']Honestly, even if it is nugs pressed to gether, I would lick a goat to get that.[/quote]

    How much licking? I feel like I'd let someone choose whatever they want out of my grow room to watch them lick a goat
  15. Atleast 2.7 ounces, maaybe. It looks pretty fluffy so maybe not.

  16. Oh yeah man, its still sweet, one nug or 100 its still good lookin buds bro:hello:
  17. can i suck your dick for that?

  18. you could have picked anything, but you picked a goat? Hahah why bro? Seriously, just wondering :cool:

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