the most you've been gifted

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mindrider, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. someone had a thread about finding weed, thought this was similar. I've got a good story about someone just giving me weed. I was at the Lowlands Music Festival in Biddinghuizen, Holland (an hour from Amsterdam). My buddies and I were hanging out with these English brothers smoking with them at their tent with this cool chick from Eindhoven when she disappears into her tent and comes out to hand me literally a fist full of weed. My jaw dropped and I looked at her all confused. She said in Holland you're allowed to have something like up to 5 plants in your personal garden and she had just harvested. I didn't have a bad or any empty pockets so I had to carry it in my hand back to my tent while we attempted to smoke all of it (we were leaving the country in 2 days, lol). We had already been high nearly 24/7 during our stay there and now we had to finish all this shit or ditch it. Granted, not the best quality weed at all, but still a great story.
  2. Awesome! How amazing would it be if it was all mega dank!:eek:

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