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The most you can smoke daily and still be a ”productive” member of society

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Messiah Decoy, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Please give the daily amount and in what ways you can be productive.
  2. just smoke a bowl if i have something social to do. don't want to get burnt out. such as going out to eat with family or something.
    if i'm just going to the store i'll blaze as much as i want. get high as fuck.
    my tolerance is extremely high though.
    smoking a bowl in the morning actually makes me more productive for the day.
    it lets me eat. therefor gives me such a good day with a comfortable stomach and what not.
    i have stomach problems. cannabis is what's up.
  3. a morning blunt is a daily routine for me and i can still work and shit so is gucci
  4. as much as you want...

    it really depends on the person.
    but anybody can be productive & smoke hella bud.

    just smoke in the evening/night when everything is done.
    then there is only a time limit, not a bud limit.
  5. Ill i need to get shit done, ill keep it to a small bowl from whatever.

    Or if its a weekend I might have 2-3 bowls if I just feel like bummin around because then Ill fet burnt out too.

    If its a weekend and its night, i will outsmoke any mofo who can stay standing as long as me :)
  6. by myself probably like 5 grams
  7. for real. i don't know anyone who can outsmoke me.
    because i can just smoke until it's all gone.
    and i'll be super high.
    but i'll be able to function still and shit. ahhah.
  8. 81 blunts a day like Snoop Dogg
  9. I can try to do work, but its just so much easier to wait until everything done to light up, so you know you can relax and you don't have anything weighing on your mind. I might be able to smoke a joint before I go off to work, but I won't enjoy it cause I'm just gonna be dragging my ass through to the end of the day.
  10. study high, take test high, make high grades.

    high all day still productive
  11. Shit works

    Iv been studying both ways so if I'm high for test I remember to lol
  12. Why does someone need to be a productive member of society?

    Ill give you an example

    What about a guy who moves into the mountains and builds a log cabin. He really is not productive in any way to society.

    What about a guy thats content to chill with his bros and work at some 10 dollar an hour job for the rest of his life?

    Like, if you think about it, unless you are stealing welfare or evading taxes you really are not a burden to society. Its more on a personal level. If someone wants to work minimum wage for their life, smoke a ton of weed, and just split rent with his friends until he dies, i say good for him.
  13. he's still being a productive member of society.
    who's going to make us mcdonalds if there's no 9 dollar an hour job.
    the small guys really keep the business going.

    someone with no job and no money, who's a bum and is old enough to take care of themselves. is actually a burden for society. not trying to be a jerk. just is.

  14. That bum is stimulating the economy
  15. We are all just organisms on a floating rock. People who say "oh, i dont wanna smoke too much or ill lose my career ambition" or "i gotta stop smoking to make money at a job i hate" are missing the point imho. Just seek happiness. If its smoking weed all the time, light up. If its being a ceo, get to work. Its mad simple. Its a truth of life that the answers to all questions are innately simple, and its us that complicates them.

    And i still dont even understand. Burden to society? How could someone who affords a weed smoking habit be a burden to society if hes buying things?
  16. i just said that people with shitty jobs aren't a burden. i smoke weed everyday.
    homeless people stimulate the economy?
    they sit around and do fucking nothing. that's shit. that's no help to anyone.
  17. Point, but buddha was homeless. Jesus was homeless. Hell, sly and the family stone was homeless.
  18. I can only afford to smoke .5 everyday.

    I've been working in manufacturing/warehouse jobs mostly.
  19. jesus was a carpenter or whatever. buddah was fucking spiritual as shit, and did many things for many people.
    all productive members of society.
    the homeless people that have sex with eachother and smoke crack in the woods by the safeway,
    not doing so much.

  20. Lol yeah but those are like 1 in 1000. And those people would not be posting on a smoking website.

    I forgot what we were even talking about. Im just gonna accept defeat because im too high.

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