The most unique smoking device you have smoked out of

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  1. I wanna know what was the most odd or unique thing you or someone you know have smoked out of. I remember smoking out of a pipe made out of a deer antler, and my dad and my uncle used to smoke weed out of a little rock with a little bowl in it.
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    Maybe 6 years ago on the bleachers of a park i made a pipe out of a milk carton i had from school and smoked with some random strangers. #@1.png

    3 years ago i made a pipe out of this paintball gun right here.

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  3. Reminds me of this
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  4. Some chick had one of them throat holes, she let us take a hit from it while she puffed the blunt from her lips.
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  5. sure does. this is epic though., i can see myself doing some shit like this if i was there. those were some nice hits.
  6. a neck stoma
  7. made an 8 hose hookah out of a pumpkin one year for Halloween
  8. It's not very wild, but for my experiences the wildest has been a bud light can on a beach.
    I have always been fortunate with bongs and blunts :)
  9. Test tube..

    What i loved about the test tube is that you could drop the weed in it, light the glass tip from below .. and the smoke would actually stay inside it without escaping .. until you sucked it out. You had to leave a small opening though..

  10. this sounds exactly like a stimulant pipe and looks similar. i would get weird vibes smoking from this but i sure would try it.
  11. Man smoking out of a nectar collector the first time was pretty cool for me at least. Maybe because it was the first time I also had 99% pure nectar.

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  12. I once made a pipe out of an onion b/c I didn't have anything else at all (same concept as apple)

    Unfortunately, my aftertaste was onion. When I left it outside overnight and some of the next day, I come back to find...all the holes had filled in with a green sprout. Made it again....same scenario repeats. I got a lot of shit for that lol. Understandably.

    ^Definitely the oddest thing I've ever smoked out of.

    As to unique.

    This double bladed axe that was somehow a bowl with a long stem wooden pipe basically. Quite cool. My friend still has this and it's always fun.
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