The most stupid thing you laughed at while high....

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  1. Sorry as I am sure this has been asked before but I just find this stupid yet funny

    Me and my two other friends were feeling pretty great and pretty hungry after 3 bowls so we decided to order 3 xtra large pizzas......while we are pigging out my friend looks over at me with a weird ass look on his face almost smiling and continues to pick up one of the peppers from the pizza box and he rubs the pepper on my pizza.....It almost seemed so sexual(no homo :p) that for some reason I found it so fucking hilarious. I burst out laughing to the point where I can't breathe for 5 min straight. While I am on the floor my other two friends are laughing too with their mouth fool almost choking.....aha good times.

    Well looking back it might seem stupid as hell to you guys but I still find it funny :hello:
    What's your story? :cool:
  2. Rick Santorium
  3. Ron Paul supporters
  4. lost track of how many times I've laughed at stupid shit when high :smoke:
  5. Was toking in my friends backyard and heard something rustle around in a bush.. We both freaked out abd he said it was a flying possum... Stupid but I was laughing so hard... Good time
  6. [quote name='"tharedhead"']Rick Santorium[/quote]

  7. there were alot of things, but i was super high disc golfin once and my friend and i were behind this group, and this guys taking forever! he's like checkin wind and his stance and shit, and he throws the disc and just pegs this tree like 10 feet in front of him, and i just lost it and started laughing my ass off and like he had a group of like 15 people and they were like dude you fuckin suck that guys laughin his ass off over there. good times good times.
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    thread winner right here... it was really stupid lol
    in grade 10 I think, in english class we were watching Schindler's List. (if you don't know its about the holocaust)
    Me and my buddy got super baked before class, so we were high as fuck watcing Schindler's list with the rest of our class.
    At one point, a bunch of kids are crying and getting deported on a train or something.. Me and my buddy both mis-heard the crying for laughing, so we both start cracking up in the middle of this horrible fucking part in the movie, where everyone else was like , in awe and shock, at what was going on in the movie. And then the teacher see's us laughing and she was so pissed off.. like why the fuck would you laugh at kids crying because they are getting deported lol..
    Me and my buddy both still remember that moment lol it was fucking hilarious for us. (but awkward lol)
  9. Pictures of my friend when he was a kid lolololol

    im an ass
  10. back when i was a new smoker, i would burst out laughing at absoultly nothing. If my dog looked at me it would make me laugh, people walking slow or fast, anything really. I think the most stuipd thing was an old lady that was delivering newspapers. She was walking soooo slowly and took her like 5 mins to go from one house to the next haha. I wish i could still get that high, oh well my 2 week tbreak is done tommorow so maybe i will :bongin:
  11. I don't even need anything to laugh at sometimes I'll just burst out. Like the other night me and my friend just smoked a fat bowl from my bubbler and were eating dominos and as we were devouring it we started laughing without even looking at each other. We were just eating and couldn't stop laughing haha
  12. Last time I played Draw Something ( the pictionary app ) I was high and decided to include some naziism in every picture I drew. So if the word was neck I'd draw hitler and point at his neck, for example.

    The one that got me geekin' was the word "toast", I drew two kkk stick figures nazi- saluting a red swatzicka, then in the middle I drew toast.

    Best part is people see you drawing it out, of course I drew the toast last.

    * edit fuck you autocorrect
  13. HAHA :hello: that's funny and I can relate to that one :D

  14. Yes, this. One time I was really stoned and in a giddy mood and turned on the news and just saw this guy bugging the fuck out for no reason in front of thousands of people and I couldn't help laughing my ass off. This guy is a major spaz, also his last name means poop&lube.

    But the stupidest thing I laughed at was a time I ate very strong weed brownies right before lunch at my school. So I was sitting in lunch really baked with my friends when I saw this fat kid I know walking across the cafeteria dressed in a sweater vest (he is never dressed like this). I started tripping so hard and cried from laughter, and I don't even know why. Once security took notice of my tripping I abruptly stopped, though.

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