The most sketched out I have ever been

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    Me and my cousin have been smoking buddies for a long time. He is enlisting in the army and is gonna be shipping out in a about a month to two months. So last night we decided we are gonna have 1 last night of good times before he starts to detox or whatever. So we hit our dealer up "D" we will call him. We were fucking broke so we only wanted a 20 sack. He is like I got you meet me at blah blah. So we pull into this parking lot, its a very public parking lot in a shopping center and wait.

    About 10 Minutes later a cop pulls into the parking lot and parks like directly behind us facing us. So we put our seatbelts on and left, hit up D again and told him the place is too hot. He tells us to meet him at a pizza place about 2 minutes down the road. We get there and park again facing the street and after about 3 more minutes go by, another cop goes by us, same type of cop car and all. So now I'm starting to get even more and more sketched out so I'm like "Bro, we look mad shady just sittin here, lets go smoke a cig out front of the pizza place. So we begin smoking our cigs, and on the road to our right, a state cop pulls over a car and we are like "Sucks for him" but we think nothing of it.About 4 minutes later ANOTHER cop starts coming down the same road, except this time he pulls into our parking lot so now I figured "Yeah we are probably getting searched and questioned", He pulls up behind my car as I'm watching this go down from 50-100 feet away, and I watch him look over at my plates, back up into a parking space looking at my car.

    Well at this point I am shitting bricks, so we are like "we should go inside and get pizza and then just dip", cuz D hadn't called us in a little bit, and the area was just absolutely crawling with 5-0. We go inside and get the pizza come out the cops still there, so we were walking to my car and I'm just feeling sick freaking out (You would too if you saw a cop looking at your plates lol). We get in and leave, I look in the rearview but to my surprise he is not following us. I pull out onto the road and we pass the state cop who pulled that guy over, and low and behold its D's car. So now I just wanna get home. We get home, and heres the freaky part. About 10 minutes after we get back to my crib. D calls us "Yo where you guys at I'm here" We are just like "Bro, that area is hot as a bitch, we got out of there and we suggest you do the same" So he starts trying to convince us to come back and shit, Finally he hangs up.

    Well this morning my cousin got a call from another 1 of his buddies and was like "Yeah, D is in jail" So i guess he was trying to get his charges lessened or some shit? I don't really know but after the whole ordeal I just felt sick, it was so crazy. I personally think going inside and getting the pizza saved our asses, because my cousin had an illegal blade on him and stuff. Not a fun expierence.
  2. Yeah, but why would he call you? If he made a deal with the cops he would call his supplier not the people he sells to.
  3. Thats exacty what I was thinking, but, thats what happened. I have no idea either.
  4. cuz the cops got tipped off by the dudes car and they don't give a fuck about changing their communities and getting the big dealer, they just wanna meet their drug quota.

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