The most satisfying weed tool purchase of your life?

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  1. This thread is more about nostalgia than finding the ultimate smoking tool. What is something that you'll never regret paying for as a fellow stoner? Maybe it's just a sentimental bowl or even certain rolling papers that worked perfectly.

    I remember when I bought the PAX 2 on a whim awhile ago. Someone told me I would not be able to find a good vape for less than 200 but I stumbled into a shop once and found one on sale for 170(I think you can find them for even cheaper now). It's already worth it in the long run to buy a vape but this is something I wouldn't have been able to fully realize if I didn't wander into that shop. I've gotten so much use out of it and it's still glowing strong :)! Just turning it on fills me with pride.

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  2. It is my first bong that i purchased in USA 20 years ago. It was an acrylic bong and i put a Bob Marley sticker on it and named the bong Bob. The bong is still being used by a friend of mine and i have chance to hang out with it from time to time. It has so much nostalgia and as i mentioned , functional still after 20 years :D
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  3. A scope & Ph meter.
    It was good before but it WORKED after adding those to kit.
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  4. My 50 bucks Grace bong I bought from my first payroll. I broke it a month later but its corpse is still on my shelf. And of course my 20 inch pipe which I rarely smoke cause it's hard to light a bowl half a yard away
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  5. Lighter hands down.
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  6. My beautiful purple 4ft bong, which my dumbass bitch ex broke...
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  7. My Volcano for sure. That things been on nearly all day, every day for the past 5 years or so and hasn't lost a step yet.
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  8. My first DuPont lighter. Great lighters.
  9. Insta roach papers(thin wire down the spine) & my Proto pipe. I also had a pipe that I carried in pieces in a pouch & it was about 6 chambers & 2'long. Everybody wanted to use it. I came along with it.

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  10. I nice little helix I had it milked like a champ until I dropped it on tile... yep went from a nice helix that costume over a hundred bucks to a thousand tiny bits of glass

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  11. Love my arizer air. Great thread man!
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  12. Smoke buddy!! I could smoke when ever and where ever I wanted to without making a stink.
    I love the smell personally but everyone else in my apartment complex doesn't
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  13. my scale. it has saved me so much $$$$$
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  14. My first bubbler was a handmade bright orange horizontal bubbler and it is still my favorite thing to smoke out of idk why I guess it's the sentimental value

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  15. bongs and glass but mostly big bongs for cooling it down and big hits
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    My first piece, too, was a bubbler and I've kept it out of sentimental value too. It's alright to smoke out - not the best, but definitely not the worst either. It is just high maintenance as it seems to get clogged with res fairly easily,

    My favorite piece I named was Black Hole but it broke a while ago unfortunately. Always check your lap.

  17. My mum got me a sweet glass bong and she only paid £5 it hits good and gets me ripped the bowl can hold up to a gram :smoking::smoking::smoking:

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  18. Yeah man you first piece is always special and I had a bong named black hole that's a good name
  19. My first bong when I was 14. Still have that shit to this day. Haven't smoked it in a good year going home rn to take some rips.:RoorRip:
  20. My ROOR... I had it customized to my liking at ROOR's original German website. Cost me a lot of paper, and came with a small "scratch" and when i mailed ROOR about it like 2 times they just ignored me... I now think it's just a fold in the glass where they pulled the joint. But a simple reply would have been nice.

    So my most beloved stoner piece is one from a brand from which i would NEVER buy anything again. But boy is she pretty, and probably the smoothest hitting piece i have ever owned :D
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