The most powerful dream of my life!

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  1. It started out as a slightly regular dream of mine, mixing past present and future to create a timless harmony.

    i was having a smoking session with one of my oldest (not clossest, but oldest) smoking buddies, even smoking tobacco for a little bit, then something odd happened... i managed to say no to it. :) yay! i know its only in a dream but its a good sign. things carry on in the dream like this for some time... its late and i have to get home.

    once im home i dont go to "my home" but rather to one of the feilds around the back of the farm buildings where one of my favorite toking spots looks out across.

    i'm joined not by my family, but rather an early african small co-operative comunity. we live with the cows, in harmony with nature. This dream seemed so long as to give me a real sence of life with these people. days pass, and unkowingly i seem to become infused with some children so intensley as to experience things through their eyes too. *im one of the smaller children now* One day we are all sitting in the feild when we hear a roar. LION!! panik strikes us all, we run for our lives, all of us trying desperately to escapre, jumping over the walls. me, my brother and mother jump the same wall, and try to hide behind it, hoping the lion will not come. a great acheivement for me. i am not even the height of the wall. not 5 terrifying drawn out seconds later the lion jumps over and mother screams. It is a lone male who has learned to hunt. It dives for my brother. first tearing his harm to peices with one bite, then a swift clawing and a bite to the neck. i hide behind and my mother as we both lay on the ground rigt next to this, we cannot do anything but watch frozen by fear.

    The lion looks up to see my mother screaming for her child. She was next. The lion Lunged towards her. Mauling her visciously. My natural survival instincts kick in again.... i run.
    I make it to saftey, but am an orphan now. but being part of the co-operative tribe, another family take me in.

    We still live in the feild. And life seems good once again. We are all thin and weak (not nearly as much as the starving millions you might see on TV), but at least we have our happiness. Life seems idealistic for a while... looking across to teh next feild to see the cows living much the same style of life. We dont see the Lion again. But our peace is to be disrupted again, by a far more terrifying enemy. A tribe of cannabalistic hunters invade the feild! we all know we cannot all out run them, to try to run is to remain seen and a target.... but it is dark and there are a few places to hide. me and my addoptive family run around the corner of one of the farm buildings. we thing we havnt been spotted by them. we manage to clamber into some dangerous old ruins of farm machinery. all three of us sit looking up to the sky in a box of metal sitting at about 30 degrees, barely 2 foot by 2.. but it is deap. deap enough to hold us all... just. I'm in th edeapest behind my new mother, and my new brother, he is struggling to remain unseen at the end. We hear them coming! and just like that they are upon us. There screams and taunts are almost deafening. i can barely see past my mother... they take him. I hear him scream one last time. then straight after my mother is yanked out of there with such force that her arm is pulled of its socket and torn off... she falls back in towards me only for a second, just long enough to look in to my eyes for me to see the look of knowing, without question, that you are going to die in the next moment. Time seemed to slow for the next 3 seconds after i saw a few of them dive into my mother mouths first, as her last heart beat pases. I See the man who has just slain my brother and mother. He is skinny. he looks more poorly nourished than anyone in our tribe. His hair is scraggy and patchy. His eyes look desperate, crazed and stressed. he cannot see me as he looks into the hole. he thrusts his arm in to poke around with a twig to see if he pokes any more "meat". he is frantic desperate... but somehow, i am lucky. he strikes nothing but metal and leaves. for the next few minutes i can do nothing but cry and greive in silence for loosing my family a second time as they are devoured just outside. They eventually leave and i cry myself to sleep that night. I awake and step outside only to find the whole tribe have been slaughtered. half eaten bodies lay scattered across our feild and the next. I walk past them, some i reccognise.... some i dont.

    It is time to leave the feild.

    nothing is left.

    I walk through the feild with cows in it... not sure of where i'm going, but instinct carries me.

    as i walk i fade back to myself... and go home to my house.

    I awake just before i get there.


    and after much deconstruction... i'm quite certain i understand it all. i might share.... elsewhere.
  2. sorry for typos. i hope its readable.

    it was just hacked out as soon after i awoke as i could manage.

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