the most pills youve ever taken

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  1. the most pills ive ever taken were 9 ativans which comes out to be the equivalent to like 4-4.5 xanax bars

    i dont know how i survived that one, it was only my second time doing benzos

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    Im carefull with pills for the most part. Atleast now days

    Most I remember is abour 7-10ish lortabs and 7-10ish soma.

    Forget the strengths. Spaced out over about 8 hours but everywhere I sat I melted into.

    Done 6 schoolbusses that I remember. Count gets higher and you start forgettin shit
  3. 17mg of atavan and 300mg of flexaril when I got my script, I don't remember the three days following but apparently I was with friends and alright.

    I've taken upwards of 300mg of amphetamines when I was in my upper swing a few years ago.
  4. 2 vicodins and 4 t3's..

    not that much really
  5. I took 5 5mg generic oxycodone pills.

    yeah 25 mgs isnt a lot but thats the most pills ive taken
  6. ive also taken 170 mgs of lexapro and learned that they dont do shit to you, unless of course you drink with them then it makes you black out haha. ive also snorted 3 bars of xanax and passed out. i didnt get too big into pills but i just wanted to see how bad it was compared to other people
  7. Lexapro and anti depressants don't getcha fucked up and can do a lot of damage when done like that. You need to be a little more careful man.
  8. Any kind of pills?

    If Robitussin Gelcaps count, then 40.
  9. Yeah, I used to take ALOT of DXM when I couldn't get ahold of anything as a teenager. And where I was from, they didn't have the warnings and shit about the Coricidin Cough and Cold being so bad for you, and I've taken 40 of those at a time.

    After I learned how bad they are, I never did it again. But, I just didn't have the resources to learn at the time, it's all good.

    I'm fine now, I haven't touched DXM in a long time anyway, I'm so over it. It was a desperate stupid teenage phase .
    I'm into opiates now, and the most I've ever taken of those is 4 Oxycodone 30's in one night, but not at one time. Over the course of like 6 hours.
  10. 12-14 Tramadol 50 mg + 300 mg norflex and the other was 9-11 10mg hydrocodone

  11. Ditto. I used to be heavy into dxm trips, but fortunately haven't taken any pills recreationally in at least a year or so. I had it bad back then, and one night ended up downing 2 bottles of the gelcaps, 20 in each. It was a crazy ass trip, but the stomach ache and puking afterwards wasn't worth it.
  12. 4 vicadin with a couple chronic blunts, damn good times
  13. I took 8 2mg xanax one time and shortly after I blacked out and I can't even remember anything about that night

    it might not be a lot to some of you xanny lovers but it fucked my world up :D
  14. about 7 E pills....and i used to eat percocet and vicodin by the thats what..maybe 12 pills?
  15. 4 E pills one time, 12 MG Hydromorphone and some xanies another time. (equivalent to about 96 mg OCs, not sure home much xanax)
  16. at least 14 mg of xanax. However, i actually remember a little bit of that night before I passed out. When i got my script changed to ativan I drank on it for the first time and I blacked out. But now I get klonopins and I eat 4 mg daily so when I take them recreationally I take at least 10 mg.:D

    But ive also done around 160 mg of oxy in a day and that was the most.(Almost crashed my car this night)
  17. After a night of rolling on really good E, I allegedly ate nearly half of my prescription of 1mg clonopin, about 25mg total. I don't have any recollection of this, but when I came to a day later my script was completely empty and heard about it from my roommates.
  18. like actual pills? 20 robotussin gel caps but that's pussy shit. made me throw up at school 3 times, but I didn't get caught.

    Other than that, 4 percocet 7.5/325 pills. 30mg's of oxy. 2 days in a row.

    Sublingualed like two .5 mg klodopin pills and blew .5. then drank 4 shots of vodka, and smoked some weed. fun night. I have/had no benzo tolerance. I'm surprised I didn't pass out lol.
  19. the most i ever popped was 4 rolls, but i rolled harder off of 2 before.
  20. I ended up taking 11 E caps in one night once. Not much to brag about tho, ive heard of people doing more :D

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