the most fucked up video EVER!!

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  1. I've seen the 3 guys 1 hammer video and have no means of ever watching it again... ever.

  2. Indeed
  3. Fuck that shit, I quit watching after it went close up on his face and his flesh was jiggling, ugh
  4. why the fuck would any one wanaa do somthing that fucked up

    i wonder why i walk around with a icepick or a blade or somthing cause somthing like this happens
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    This is what i don't get.
    Why would anyone still have this shit posted on the internet.
    To be honest, i think this video should be removed from every single site.
    I mean, how would you feel, if you were tortured and murdered the same way, and they also recorded you.
    Would you want this up on the internet? for you family, friends, and loved ones to see?
    Think about how his family would feel, knowing that there is a video for people to watch of his murder/torture
    It is absolutely disgusting.
    I don't get grossed out easily, nor cringe, but i couldn't even stand watching the whole thing.
    People are fucked up if they find this amusing or laughable.
    Would you be laughing if you were getting your head smashed in by a fucking hammer? and getting a screw driver through your eye?
    If you really ARE fucking nuts, you probably would.
    I, for one, think this video shouldn't even be shown.
    Get this fucking shit off of here."
  6. The more it is spread on the web, the sooner they will be found.

    All it takes is a good couple thousand to see it in Russia, and they will spread it around, eventually somebody will recognize these bastards.

    I have watched the whole video once, its very disturbing, to the point where I puked afterwards, but then I sent it to friends, who I know, are connected to alot of people, UK, Aus, Canada, etc.

    Im stoned out my mind righ now, so I am rambling, but in closing, this video should be sent to a news team, and spread further than on Snuff sites.
  7. They were already caught.

    Dnepropetrovsk maniacs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  8. They're Ukrainian. Close enough, lulz.

    But yeah, I hope these sick fucks get what's coming to them. It's bad enough that they did this to one person, but 20 other people and countless other animals? That's just fucked.
  9. we need something worse then jail and the death penalty for people like this
  10. I've seen this before. It was a bunch of I believe Russian kids who torchored and killed several people and they recorded all of it and the videos got leaked to the interwebs. Oddly enough, before I ever started smoking, when I was quite a wee little lass, I used to love going to websites like and to look up nasty blood and guts pics to see how much I could handle seeing and that tollerance was quite high at the time. Now, when I saw that movie, I almost puked and started crying. I think I've developed a strong sense of empathy after my start on this stoner journey.

    Little somethin to think about.
  11. Why, death penalty will give these kids what they want, life in prison is better, they will be tortured daily, until they can find enough shit to kill themselves with.
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    no way im watching that shit. I heard about it countless times but something about seeing shit like this and being completely helpless to do anything just kills me

    I saw a vid once of a reporter getting beheaded by terrorists after getting kidnapped. Most fucked up thing i've ever seen and ill never watch anything like that again

    human beings can really be sick fucks.

    this has no place in Grasscity
  13. i'm not watching that shit. no way
  14. I agree, now that they have been prosecuted, it should be taken down.

    I have seen alot of the beheading videos, worst was Eugene Armstrong.

    USA doesnt negotiate with hostage takers and out of jurisdiction crimes.

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