The most fucked and sketchiest thing happend to me yesterday

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 420rowdyguy, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Today was the most fucked day for me....

    First of all alot of really weord shit has been happening this week like people acting different and doi g things they usually never but on with the story!

    So on thursday me and my bro are walking to our busstop to go to school and on the way i mention dank cause we had 10$ and we were gonna buy after school.
    Right after i say we are gonna get some dankity dank this guy walks up to us and asks us if we smoke weed and we are like ya so he asks if we wanted buy some so we say ok so we can blaze before school.
    He sells us the g right beside a busy intersection near the bustop so i put in my pocket without fully analyzing it and ended up getting chinced out like atleast .4 we asked for his number just in case we need a backup dealer,so we called him ack and told him and said he will make it up next time we buy off
    So today (friday) we call him and and he tells us to meet him somewhere so we go and we are waiting and the guy was inside the condo we were waiting outside so he tells us to wait there
    He comes out 10 min later with a bunch of suitcases on a sled that he is pulling
    We ask him why he has it and he doesnt say anything
    We go into an walkway beside a amityhouse/daycare thing and we stop there and he pulls out a pipe with 2 roaches we blaze that then he pulls out a crack pipe and starts smokin crack right in front of me and my bro
    He starts showing us his rings and says he has over 2000$ worth of booze in his bag, a laptop, more jewerly and other items,
    He calls up his buddy that has the weed to come pick him up and to sell us the weed.
    As we are waiting there he asks my bro for the 20 and him being a noob he gave it to him ( as soon as i seen the crack pipe i wanted to walkaway cause i have a way better dealer anyways only thing is he wasnt awake yet(it was like 11:20am) so he puts his shit away and then.....

    A cop burts around the corner with no warning at all with a big ass german shephard canine, the cop yelled at all 3 of us to get on our knees.
    We complied he didnt he got thrown down onto the cement by the cop and the dog mauled him like 2 feet infront of us the dog ripped apart his entire winter jacket, he had his pants around his knees and then 2 other cops ran and joined in detaining him, as they were doing this i slipped my semi empty weed container into the snowbank and buried it while the cops werent looking .
    As the cops were detaining him i quickly told my bro the story i made up within the first 20 seconds of the cop showing up,

    My story was that we were walking to my buddys place to pick him up and we gonna bus down to west ed mall but didnt know the bus # so we asked him then i said he asked for money and i gave him a 20 cause it looked like he got kicked out
    So i the cop made him give my 20$ back and we only had to sign witness statements

    Turns out he had a warrant for his arrest and hes been breaking and entering a whole bunch of houses and the house he was in when he came, HE WAS ROBBING as we were spotted waiting outside then leaving with the guy...

    All i gotta say is thank fucking god i can make up an excuse that fast!

    We ended up inheriting our friends pipe and buying 2 grams of dank ass fire from our regular dealer ! :smoke:

  2. u ride the short or the long bus to skewl
  3. City bus a little longer than yours :D:devious:
  4. Nice excuse hahaha :D
  5. I'd be freaking out if something like that happened. Nice save
  6. nice job thinking fast op! but i would be a lot more careful next time who youre buying im sure you found out haha
  7. reading that storied stoned as shit really gave a fucking intense movie thrill in my mind.
  8. SHIT MAN!!

    Im glad everythign worked out


    damn man leave them crackheads alone!
  9. lol what a dumbass who turns down crack this story is obviously fake
  10. Haha i know i couldnt believe i got out scott free after we were seen with him amd everything

    And ya i didnt know he was such a creep lol cause he was wearing shades and shit when i first met him

    I now only buy off my regular dealer lol i dont have to leave the house :D
  11. That's why you don't buy off of shady people at bus stops.
  12. We werent at the bus stop we were walking towards it and the guy walked past it and continued on past us after we exchanged
  13. Pretty crazy story bro.
    Lesson learned about buying off sketchy people I hope.
  14. once the crack pipe was out in his hand i would of say listen man i uhhhh got somewhere to be maybe ill catch ya next time, and then dashed the fuck outta that situation thats sooooooo sketchie !!!!!!!!!

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