The most fiendish thing you've done for bud

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  1. So I'm not gonna lie-I have an addictiv personality and I've done some stuff for mota that I'm not proud of.Here's a couple:Me and some friends jumped a punk dealer back in high school and took almost an oz and a color changing spoon.Come to think of it he had skimped a lot of people out, not that that justifies it although in some circles its accepted.I didnt get to harvest my first grow cuz i started picking off the buds as soon as i didnt have any.It was only like two oz's off of five clones and a mother plant left at the end of the season.Is anybody a fiend like me or maybe even worse?
  2. Um, Sorry bro, But I am an Evil ass Punk.
    Bad move you pulled.
    Weed isn't worth doing stupid shit for. Its Cheap and peaceful.
    Why the fuck do people make violence out of something so natural!
    Seriously its when people do stuff like that and others find out, It sets the MJ reform back!
    Just punch up the money bro, don't be retarded. Smoke and Chill.
    Violence never revolutionized anything.
  3. Weed is cheep and easy to find, you should never think its right to steal weed....

    I found weed in a movie theater seat once and took it.....
    but thats different...
    finders keepers.
  4. I know the difference between right and wrong but this thread is about the bad stuff you've done
  5. When i was sixteen i had a job at chilis being a busboy

    i was cleaning off a table and there was like a half oz in the seat i kept it:D
  6. that is fucking lucky.

    I tried to pawn my guitar my dead grandpa gave to me and the pawn shop dude looked at me and said " I dont have enough money to give what its worth to you". I felt like shit. I never ever will do that again.
  7. Yeah i dont do shit like that anymore either.I have a steady job and too many connects that will sell me a joint for a dollar

  8. your lucky he was an honest guy
  9. Sold videogames at gamestop to get money for bud
    that's about it and i'm not proud :hide:
  10. ive walked miles for a dimebag many a times, when i have weed i love to always look at it and smell it, sorta like i was inspecting a fiend when it comes to the green leaves
  11. I've sucked dick for weed........ haha, just kidding (gotta love half-baked :D). I did know a guy in high school that sucked a teacher's dick for 30 xanax bars that he didn't even get.
  12. me and my buddies once pryed weed flakes from the crevase of a table. just to get a bowl pack. it tasted horrible and we'll never do that again.
  13. way back in 7th grade we sold some grass rolled up in a zig-zag as "dank" to some rich ass white kid.
  14. Me and my mates once picked up enough weed from the floor to rool a J with. It was tiled floor so not really that sick.. We were all dry.. But picked some bud up a few hours after that.. We decided to never tell any body out of our close circle about it. :eek:
  15. i paid money
  16. Same here :(

  17. I dont think you know much of anything, but as you say this thread isnt about you...

    smoking resin and stems but that was only back in school when the town would be dry.

    Now whenever I smoke my cured weed I feel bad
  18. [quote name='Herbalisation']I dont think you know much of anything, but as you say this thread isnt about you... Of course that is just your opinion so i'm not gonna take offense to it but i do beleive it was uncalled for
  19. This one time I had sex with my cousin so I could get weed.
  20. O snap.

    I thought that that thread would fall off soon.

    Will you fax me some acid?

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