The most f*cked thing that has ever happened to me (video footage) *must read*

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  1. This is honestly one of the crazy things that has ever happened to me and I will try to explain the story the best I can, if you don't think it is completely messed up then I am just a shitty story teller.

    So me and 3 of my homies are chillin at lunch so we cross over the bridge by our school to go blaze down by the river. We blaze one bowl and it pretty bomb weed so were dece high and we just packed a second bowl when we seem some guy looking at us. He starts to walk towards us so I put my pipe in my sleeve.

    He gets over to us and starts talking to us and he thought we were blazing cuz we were just chillen at a bench so at first we just deny it. And he goes on saying You guys should be smoking a joint! and he says want to here a song. And he performs a little song about weed.It was seriously some of the most genious lines ive ever heard.But i dont remeber the lyrics.

    So after i say what the hell you deserve a hoot. So he comes over and starts talking about how weed helps projecct his voice and it makes other people trip out when there high. And he says whenever people smoke with me they get more high then they normally would. Then he tells us to go search a video of him on google called tazer less. He talks about how in the video he called in angels to rescue him from police brutality and when the officers try to tase him white lights appear in the video(angels) and he slips out of the officers arms and gets away free.*remember what i was saying about the video*

    so after that he takes the most gnarly hoot out of my pipe holding it in for 30 seconds then he coughs all over my friend and says sorry. Then he suggests that he should sing a song but before he really wants us to give him another hoot because it will help him perform. but we didnt want to waste our weed on this hobo.(i wished we would have blazed him way more!) But he agrees to do the song without another hoot and im like YO we need to get this on video the first litte song he sang was amazing! so my friend pulls out his iphone 4 and this is where it gets fucked. This is the video of the song he sang to us.

    [ame=""]YouTube - The original tazered Less sings a song[/ame]

    During the whole time of him singing i was laughing my ass of and honeslty questioning myself if this is really happening.

    After he sings the song were trying to tell him that the video was 4 minutes and 20 seconds. And he starts Yelling this shit at us like "GO GET THIS ON THE INTERNET NOW" "THE POLICE ARE COMING WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW" and right after that he fucking runs away as fast he can. after all of it ended all of my friends were like WTF!!!!!!!

    Now remeber when i said to remember what im saying about the video?
    Turns out that video he was talking about is actually real.Watch this now!

    [ame=""]YouTube - The Original Tazered Less[/ame]

    I am 100% sure that was the guy we saw today same voice and looks exact same and he sang the same shit to us that he sang in his original tazered less video. In the video of him getting arested he was in branford ontario canada. Today we saw him in Calgary Alberta Canada.Apperently this guy is a famous hobo and has been spotted all over canada numerous times.

    Please tell me thats not messed up.
  2. bumpppp
  3. Dude.... That. Was. Craziness... So the hobo was telling the truth, Im pretty sure thats the same guy. You met a famous hobo! Hell yea :hello:
  4. you cant even imagine how fucked it was for me to see this right infront of my eyes
  5. Yea dude, I would have been so sketched... But thats just me haha :) Dude could take a tazer though, Ill give him that!
  6. no it was the angels dude seriously man this guy has changed my life
  7. Holy tits that guy is awesome.
  8. So Judaism is the right religion? Crap.
  9. Haha "I am defending myself in favor of THAT!" *dude runs away and cops don't bother to pursue* This is why i'm proud to be a Canadian.
  10. dude reminds me of charlie manson:hello:
    great story man thats some once in a lifetime shit right there
  11. I'm nominating this for best thread of the day.
  12. Holy shit that dude is fucking awesome

    I wanna go meet him and just smoke him the fuck out
  13. Thats some WTF shit right there bro
  14. Whoa that's crazy :eek:
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    the guy shoulda just let the cops handcuff em its not like hes getting away anyway people need to realize the cops just follow orders... the real dickheads are the ones that issue the warrants for BS reasons

    That video was fake as fuck those cops let him up..... its easy to tell 2 guys both bigger than the hobo and hes been tased there is no way that guy can do that ive been tased before and there is sure no way in hell you can sprint anywhere after
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    LOL those cops look like fucktards after that. no way they didn't lose their job

    owned by a religious freak happened in canada.
    meh. guy is still amazing though
  17. Is this man the canadian jesus?? WTF..... Im an anti-thiest but god damn... That shit just mind fucks you 5 times over with a lil rape on the side... Sheesh I gotta remember this song.
  18. Dude is a poet and an artist.

    That is some crazy shit, I'd like to talk to that guy when I'm tripping.
  19. That dude is clinically insane
  20. Haaaha. Awesome.

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