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The most evil poll ever!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Aug 10, 2003.


Hey BPP .Ashley Judd.... only one is true. :mad: mwahuhuhuhaaagh!

  1. She smells funny. Kinda like turps and sour milk..

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  2. Her arse crack is hairier than the man Zia woke up to that one time. I think she has to shave all o

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  3. She likes it up the nose. ________________ ... and ONLY up the nose. you better be a small fella.

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  4. She's made entirely from the cuttings from Mikey Jacko's noses. she's really about 78 y

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  5. He's got nothing wrong with him. he's a perfectly normal human being with none of the above.

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  6. ASHLEYS a nice girl and we love her

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  1. dare you vote?
    can it be?
    who would make such an evil poll. 'tis terrible indeed.
  2. lol, im not picturing this person,i know the name, but nobodys poppin up....i put the normal man 1....
  3. Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum,
    I smell the blood of a Scottishman;
    Be he alive, or be he dead,
    Poppa'll grind his bones to make his bread.

    ~~You're gonna be in trouble!You're gonna be in trouble!!!!~~
  4. What is a turp?

  5. i know i know... shshsh. maybe he wont know it was me. lol.

    ... ok, sorry Poppa. i couldnt help it. a little red midget fella with a fork appeared on my shoulder and just kept telling me to do it... i resisted the evilness of it for as long as possable, but then he kept jabbing me in hte ear with his fork until it was made.

    turps = turpentine
  6. Check your inbox, Digi-baby!!! :D
  7. The most evil poll with the most evil participants!!!
  8. u-oh!

    it was Larry! it was Larry!
  9. .... or was it Lenny. one of the two for sure anyways.

    ... maaaadness... drunken maaandes i tell thee lad!

    amanamanananita... .. woah.... grudge or what. i was only kidding like. only way i know of juddedness is from poppa really. but you! YOU! you got issues gurl! ;) :p :D :p

  10. me too! i think they r all fucking ugly ass gay fuckers!
  11. My vote's for the funny smell [​IMG]

  12. *gasp*
  13. BH, you don't really mean it, do you?

    YOU CAN'T GO!!!

  14. Yes, please tell us...I know I would seriously miss you if you were gone :(
  15. I think BH is screwin with your

    Just say your sorry to miss judd and all will be

    edit : I would hope anyway..
  16. 1stly, no shade the FBI aren't comin for the city, lmao ;)

    and BH, considering your seriously serious which it would now seem, I just wanna say im sure digit will delete the thread as soon as he comes back if it means that much to you, hes just poking fun. Your more than needed here at the city, which I know you understand.

    Smoke some pot, and keep on keepin on m8 ;)
  17. Yeah...he knows them.

    I think that this poll was posted all in good fun. Poppa worships Ashley and Digit's just playing around, I'm sure. I've seen people dog out celebrities quite a bit on here and I only think that if it's fair to do it to some then it's fair to do it to all.

    I realize that you know and love these celebrities but to most they are just the hollywood types making big money and living their lives in big the public eye. All people who live their lives like that are subject to crap.

    Plus, it's all in good fun. I PM'd Poppa to get Digi in trouble and forwarded the PM to Digi to show that I was starting some trouble. :D

    I'm sorry if you're mad, Bud Head...I just don't see the big deal.
  18. I deleted all my post in this thread.....

    Night all!!!!!!!!!
  19. thnx critter.

    now.. where to begin....

    straight up....

    I really truely am very sorry to Bud Head, Ashley, the Judd family, Big Poppa, Ashley Judd fans everywhere for the pain i caused through my drunken stupidity and lack of thought whilst making this, the most evil of all polls ever. its only redeaming quality is that it lives up to its name, which, given the nature of its name, hardley redeams it at all. I dont want to start sounding like i'm getting all defensive and trying to dig my way outta this, but it should be noted that this was intended to be funny. i mean... come on... the options are so rediculous that no one could possably believe them. maybe i could have plastered a fer giggly happy smilies around for what little its worth, but i doubt it would have made much of a difference. if people couldnt see the humour in the complete rediculousness of the options then no amount of smilies would have helped. Ashley Judd is so obviously not any of the origianl options. it was never my intent to have anyone believe such. nor did i intend it to be taken seriously in any light. anyways... i digress... what i'm here to say before this thread gets laid to rest for good *loads two shells into the shotgun*, is that i Truely am very sorry. And if i have any chance of getting back in Bud head's good books (which after the atrocities commited here last night, i can wholeheartedly understand if i do not), there is yet further explanation in the fuckoff thread.

    i hope you can forgive me. all of you.

    and also.. not only should this thread be somehow killed (perhaps if not deleted, just closed so it sinks away into the depths), but i think it's time to lay waste to Dr_Krapp's Digit is great thread. as we can quite clearly see now..... I AM NOT.
  20. Damn , I thought this was a funny thread. I damn near spit my beef flavored Ramman noodles out my mouth reading Digits poll.

    That Full Moon with Mars chasing it this week sure has everyone on edge and I'm as giddy as a school girl who just lost her viginity. :D

    Peace Out

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