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The most epic stoner deal on Craigslist EVER!

Discussion in 'General' started by spikeystud88, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Ok guys, get ready to shit your pants! My GF and I recently signed a lease together, so we've been searching around for good deals on furniture and stuff. We're moving into a 2BR/2BA apt, so the 2nd room will be our sort of chill out/smoker room (so we've been looking for some extra cool stuff for it). Luckily we're getting a super nice couch/loveseat, coffee table, and entertainment system from my sister and her husband for $300 (the couch/loveseat alone cost them $1500 lol). The other day we found a badass papasan chair on craigslist for $40, so that will definitely be in the chill out room. Anyways, we've been checking craigslist recently and 2 nights ago my GF stumbled upon this:


    So I cautiously click the ad hoping for the best, and what do I see?


    A badass bean bag, that's what. Looks nice and big, perfect for our situation.

    When she showed me it was already almost midnight here, so I decided I'd call the guy the next day. We talk it over, and decide that for $50 any LoveSac bean bag is worth it. If you guys haven't heard of LoveSac, check out their website. Basically they make high end, super plush, super legit bean bags that are way overpriced. The CHEAPEST one they make is $199, and it's for little kids.

    Anyways, so we get to the dudes house and he's super blazed and totally reeks of super dank. He laughs and goes "shit, this thing is so fucking big guys". My GF and I look at each other and smile...because to us, the bigger the better. So he starts to open the garage, and both of our jaws hit the floor: it's the biggest, nicest bean bag LoveSac makes. Here's a pic from their website:


    $700 for a bean bag. That tells you how legit and huge this thing actually is lol. It's so big that he actually had to bring it to my GF's apartment in his truck because it wouldn't fit in her CRV. This thing is 8 fucking feet wide and could EASILY fit 3 adults.

    So we get it home and have to get it up her stairs and through the door, which was a total bitch. But we do, and when we get it into her room it just sits in the middle like a giant mass of bean bag. I check out LoveSac's website and realize this is the biggest one they make, and that it cost $700 retail.

    My GF's eyes got HUGE when I told her we just got a $700 bean bag for $50 lol. This thing is so epic it's not even funny. We even considered cleaning it up and selling it, but it's too awesome to let go. It's literally like a giant bed version of a bean bag lol.

    Anyways, so that's the most epic stoner deal I've ever gotten on craigslist. GF and I have opposite work schedule today so I'll probably post actual pics of it tomorrow :)!
  2. That's awesome! I would make that thing my bed.

    I hope you gave him more than $50 bucks though, considering he drove it over in his truck.

    You shoulda smoked him up. :smoking:
  3. damn that thing is fucking HUGE!
    8 feet wide? god damn!

    that's a great deal you got it for too, i woulda smoked that guy up for sure!
  4. It must weight a ton!
  5. That'd be a great place to stash a dead body.
  6. Or a live one
  7. or hide from po po if they looking for you
  8. Am I the only person reading this who falsely hoped/believed that this massive bag was actually full of ganj for some reason only to be somewhat letdown by that not being the case? :confused:

    I have been vaping constantly for about 3 hours mind you. :smoking:
  9. You guys gotta have sex on that thing.
  10. I figured it wasnt filled with pot, when i seen the price:rolleyes:
  11. \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t[​IMG]

  12. Just remember to use protection.

  13. Haha that's so lucky man. I think I might get a sick beanbag since I have some money leftover from my paycheck. That's after getting a fat eighth yesterday and a new bubbler i'm getting today. :smoking:
  14. PICS of you lying on this thing, i wanna see how huge it is.
  15. 8 foot wide beanbag chair is epic
  16. I'm totally sober and I'm RIGHT there with ya buddy.
  17. Does it have a zip so you can climb in and swim around in the beans.
  18. :laughing: You can have a one man pod you can live in, inside of it.
  19. I thought that same thing for a minute there...
  20. i want a beanie pod w/ the ability to fly

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