The most embarrassing thing ever happened to me last night

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  1. Normally I last in bed from 20 up to 60 minutes but last night..for some strange reason I lasted for like..1.5 minutes. It was unbelievably embarrassing, and I have no clue why it happened. We were engaged in foreplay for like at least 30-40 minutes so that may have aroused me more than usual or it could have been the fact that there were several people upstairs in the house and I may have been nervous of getting walked in on or something...I don't know. I was using these lamb skin condoms which allow a lot of feel and that may have done it too but I'm not sure..I just remember I was thrusting and then out of nowhere I felt myself come and I stopped and I was like 'uh..' and it was fucking awkward and horrible and then to make it even worse I continued to thrust to try and keep a boner to please her and I remembered there was fucking sperm in the condom (stupid me lol) and I think a bit may have leaked out. I dunno if that could possibly get her pregnant but its been making me extremely paranoid. I need some weed lol.

    Any advice?

    BTW: After this little episode about an hour later we went up the mountain and had sex in the car which lasted about 25 minutes or so and that was with a different condom as well as a different mindset.
  2. What the fuck do you need advice about?
  3. I dont fucking know man! I want to know what the hell happened and why, that shit has never happened before. It aint normal and now I'm getting paranoid thoughts about the future lasting 2 minutes in bed!
  4. Its not how long it is that matters.

    Its how good you are.
  5. Well I'm not bad with the quality

    but in my opinion the time you last ties into how good it is for her
  6. lool no one can be THAT good in 1.5 minutes. Dude it was probably all the people making you nervous, dont worry about it. you will adapt.
  7. usually i last atleast a half hour usually 1 -2, but one time i cam eafter like 4 minutes, i just pretended i wasn't done eatin her pussy yet so i ripped off the condum (cuz i had another) and ate her for a while then fucked her for like an hour. but what probably happened to you was all those things you were talking about combined.
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    HA! Good one. Size, time elapsed, quality... I'm sorry people have been trying to tell you all differently but all three of these are important. Sure, you can compensate a LITTLE in one area for what you're lacking in another but when it comes down to it, ya gotta have the trifecta.

    That being said... OP, we all have our off nights! Such as the time in high school when I underestimated my gag reflex and puked all over my then-boyfriend. Or the time I almost cracked my head open falling over in the shower while gettin jiggy with it... NANANANA-Na-Na-Na.

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