The Most Embarassing Thing You've Done Stoned Before?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 420L, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. I was toking from a bong with at my friends house and told him that I was going to take the biggest hit ive ever done. We both got really pumped and I took some huge breaths to make it more dramatic lol.
    So Im milking the bong trying to concentrate when he bursts out laughing. knowing how big of a hit im taking, I start laughing and launch the bowl and all the water into the air

  2. Aight so here's my story...
    It was my freshman year in high school and I skipped school with this girl in 11th grade. We both got blazed and decided to go to Mcdonald and get some good shit lol. She drove there so she had to do the ordering (in the drive thru) I told her to order me a big mac with no ketchup, and the lady was like "what, you want only ketchup? " and we're both like look at each other like " Lol wut" then my friend told the lady "no I don't want any ketchup" (kinda laughing while she said it). THEN the lady saying something like " you want ketchup on the side?" And we're like "nooo lol we don't want any ketchup on the big mac!" (Now laughing our asses off at the Confusion) and the lady sais: "maam, the big mac dosent come with ketchup" LMAO after that we lost it and struggled to finish the order and pay with a straight face. Lol good times.

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  3. not very interesting but I was toking it up sitting on a milk crate in the back yard...with my back yard going into a green space/micro forest. any ways its dark enough to just make out things and I have my first ever cell phone on the ground playing my the song changes and goes silent then after I finish my 1/2 bowl(yes im that low)  the song picks up I look down and trip the fuck out thinking my phone is a rat walking between my feet.
  4. Frenched the guy next to me in a gay club, because the guy across from me offered me $40 worth of weed to do it. He gave me the weed though, so it was worth it. Good stuff, too. Better than the local dealers carry, anyway.
  5. Sounds like you had a 3 some later that night. Choo-choo!

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    Nah. Just some free weed. He said if I did it it'd make his night, that it was worth giving away his weed for.
  7. Ok not my story but a older guy I work with he's in his early 70's.

    He told me when he was younger he was renting a house and was growing a huge pot plant growing in his upstairs bedroom window. While being boozed up one day had to water this thing and didn't want to make two trips upstairs to water it. So he decided to put the hose through the widow and water it while he is watering it he passes out and wakes up in the morning to a flooded house.

    He said after the landlord beat the shit out of him he threw him out . Lmfao
  8. I didn't have much of embarrassment until now (this story is not even that horrible, to be honest, but falling off a bike after riding on a straight road is something to laugh about).
    Was riding bikes with my drunk & high friends on a straight road. Then I suddenly made a turn for no reason whatsoever (I was stoned off my ass & slightly drunk), drove into grass. I went into short panic until I noticed the grass was all good and no danger was ahead, then I noticed a sewage hole (it was covered, obviously). Then, when I was really close to it, I noticed it wasn't a simple covered sewage hole in grass, it was a covered sewage hole in grass in ANOTHER hole. I drove right in the random hole in the middle of the grass (I was too high to properly maneuver or do anything, really) and flew right over the wheel of the bike. LOL.
    Well, at least, even though I was high, I did do a proper fall (carefully threw the bike to my side instead of letting it fall on me and properly landed on my front, hands covering the chest and avoided head fall), so I got that going for me, which is nice.
  9. Just happened haha... My dad called me and asked me if I'm high just to fuck with me. I screamed no into the phone pretty loud in front of a couple of my friends... Haha :D

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  10. One night at my friend's house we got super blitzed and I ate the most chinese food I've ever ate in one sitting. Puked it up all over his carpet about 1 hour later. After I threw up I rinsed and brushed my teeth and cleaned up the puke cuz I felt awful. He got a good laugh out of me puking tho hahaha. So after I clean myself and the carpet we decide that if we smoke more I might feel better (pretty bad idea). So we go smoke several bowls outside his house and come back inside and just chill. I decide to go get some food to eat because the munchies were setting in so I made 2 bagels with extra cream cheese. Once again about 1 hour later I threw it up all over the carpet in the exact same place. I clean myself and the puke up then fall asleep. Probably wasn't a great idea to smoke when I had a stomach ache the whole day but definitely the most embarrassing thing I've done while high.
  11. I stopped at a green light once....or twice, lol. 
    The last time I went grocery shopping, I was stoned out of my mind. Spent nearly 3 hours in the store, on a list of food that would've taken me 30 minutes to get. Got to the self check.....omfg. Poor lady, lol. She had to void my transaction like 2 times, lol. This isnt the first time this has happened to me. Never again!
  12. This happened like 30 minutes ago, so it's fresh!
    My mom recently hurt her knee, and wanted me to pick up some things for her at the local Walgreens. I decided to brave the 10 minutes in nice clear twilight because I'm trying to be healthy, and stop being so lazy. I fetch the items, and snag a new toothbrush that was on sale! On my way home I continued my book, and drank some juice that I had also purchased. 
    Normally I'm sorta clumsy, and am off in my own world. I was still decently blazed, so I was super uncoordinated walking down hill. I trip stepping down into the neighbour's uneven driveway because I totally overestimated my walking ability while trying to finish my juice.  
    I skinned my knee, and hurt my ankle a little; however, once again have avoided serious injury. I must be a little like Mr. Magoo. 
  13. Ugh this ones bad, I was in 6th grade and no I wasn't high but still, I was running after my friend who stole my phone and shouted "get back here you crippled fuck" (he broke his arm earlier) only to realize that this older girl from our school who's stuck in a wheelchair was sitting nearby and thought it was directed at her. I felt/still feel so bad about that

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  14. Hmmm....
    Around 15-20 years ago I lived with my wife in an apartment in Upstate NY.  One night I was doing this foolish dance around my bedroom to the amusement of our friends.  (keep in mind, I'm a large man at 6'6" 340 lbs., it makes what happened all the funnier...)  The song playing was Dylan's 'Everybody Must get Stoned', and as the song grew to a crescendo, my dancing became more and more fervent and I lost my balance, causing me to fall/fly into the wall.  Everyone erupted in laughter, including myself, and for days after until I got a new slab of drywall there was a large hole in the wall in the exact shape of my ass and hip.
    The hole reminded us all of those holes in the doors/walls that you'd see on the old Looney Tunes cartoons, like when Bugs would BURST out of a door, leaving behind a perfect outline of his body.
    Good times.
  15. it was a while back, probably a year and a half ago now, but i was texting my ex while crossfaded as shit. i mean, this is the only time i have ever blacked out. i had just gotten 2 ounces, a bottle of jack, a fifth of stoli elemental, and some four locos. most of the alcohol was gone, and i probably smoked a quarter that day. i woke up to lots of unpleasant messages, and went to see what i sent to her. 

    The majority of it looked like this 
    "welkhl iu mesn ihyubef do nuyhtin rnogit"

    Let's just say if i ever saw her or talked to her again, i'd be pretty embarrassed. waking up to a killer headache and vodka scented sweat, then reading that shit wasn't my proudest moment. 

    I still feel like a fucking imbecile thinking about that night. 
  16. I sprayed bong water on my dealer and myself.

    We were having a bit of a sesh going on he did a couple tokes that got me high off the second hand smoke. So I caved and loaded up the guest bong. Lite it up and did my hit but I milked it to much so by the time I took the bowl off to clear it my lungs did a gage reflex. Before I relised to pull away a bit of water came out of the down stem. Funny to say that was the first time I've had a hit accident
  18. LMAOOO I did the same thing completely forgot how to play Rock Paper Scissors we were trying to see who would break first in pool and I was just like fuck it you go first, for real couldn't play for like 5 mims
  19. Ahh I'm glad someone revived this, I've never seen it!

    I was hammered during this one, but also probably smoked some bud, I always do when drinking. So I'll share anyway.

    As I said, I was very drunk one night this past fall, and had to bike home from a buddy's house. As I started biking, I got this HILARIOUS idea (or so I thought at the time)- as I rode by random cars, I would reach out and flip their side mirrors forward (the breakaway/swivel action, not damaging the mirror) as a prank, hoping that maybe some people would fall for it and think that they got sideswiped overnight, but miraculously the only thing that happened to their car was the mirror moved forward. Picturing the confusion on the people's face made me lawl.

    Well, I did a few mirrors, and I was almost to my house, coming up a hill and I saw a pretty new white car off to the side. As I passed it, I flipped the mirror forward, but the car was such a new/high tech car that the alarm went off and the lights started flashing. I didn't notice it but about 30ft from the car were a couple people standing under a streetlight. I dipped the fuck out lol they probably thought that I actually damaged the car. One of them said "What did you do!" and the other yelled out that they knew who I was, but it's a smallish town and I know they were lying lol. They were probably drunk too, it was late on a weekend night and they were just standing out on the street.

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