The Most Embarassing Thing You've Done Stoned Before?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 420L, Jan 5, 2009.

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  2. lol bathroom etiquette least a one stall space unless they are all taken.
  3. dam!

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  4. Burned a little bit of my beard once. 
  5. One time I was stoned out of my mind trying to smoke a bowl with 3 other people and I was lighting it and realized i wasn't getting like any smoke after about 5 min of thinking WHY AM I GETTING NO SMOKE I realized I was trying to light the wrong end of the bowl

  6. This story isnt about me its about my aunt but she had just come bAck from Europe btw this was before 9/11 so it was easier to smuggle things back into the US and she saw some cops with a DRUG DOG and she decided it would be a good idea to pet it. Long story short she cried her way out of some big trouble.

  7. Well, me and my friend are sitting there stoned as can be, puff puff passing that joint, I go to receive this joint and it falls from my clutch, I slowly watch it as it falls into a cup of tea which just happened to be there, I felt so bad as it wasn't my weed.

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  8. once i was in my boyfriends room without pants on and he was downstairs with like 5 or 6 of his friends, im laying on the bed ass up and i hear someone come in and leave. i decide, ok i should put my pants on. i start searching around but theyre gone!!! i freak out and think, one of his friends came up here and took them AND saw my naked ass!!! i hide in the closet and call my boyfriend on the phone crying telling him someone took my pants. then i left the closet and realized i didnt wear pants that day i wore shorts....that were on the bed the whole time
  9. Back when I first started smoking I came in pretty fucked up so I go to the fridge to get some sprite. I stood in the fridge for 5 min jus looking around and my sis was like wtf. Then I sat down and was happy because I was super thirsty. So when I go to drink it i miss my whole mouth and spill it all over my clothes. Not so much embarrassing, I laugh whenever I think of it.

  10. I read that 5 times and still don't get it

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  11. I went through the in n out drive thru at 3 am thinking they would be open. Obviously not. Luckily, there were about 7 workers cleaning up the kitchen to laugh at me and my friends' stoned asses. 
  12. I read it once and got it perfectly. He was peeing and while he was peeing he pulled his pants up because he forgot that he was still peeing lmao.
  13. Back in my high school days one time after toking in the bathroom, I get so high I walk into the next door classroom late smelling like weed and everyone was speaking french. So I sit there too embarrassed to leave and take a test I can't even read :wacko:

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  14. LMAO I can picture Jack Black doing that in a comedy scene lol. And actually looking at the guy and saying what's up bro LMAO
  15. Went to court high as shit as a witness and looked like a complete fool when i was getting cross examined. 
  16. Last night got super high, I was on my daughters laptop because hubby was on my computer. I came onto grasscity but never logged into my account. I couldnt remember my pw. So I was just snooping around, came across a thread I cant remember which one it was, but halfway down the first page there were ads scrolling by...this picture of a cool stash box came up on the screen. I wanted a closer look at it and kept tapping the screen and couldnt figure out why the page wasnt opening. I took the laptop down to my hubby and he looks at me with the straightest face and said honey its not a touch screen. I laughed so hard
  17. One time I was really stoned in History class back in high school and I was throwing away a piece of paper but like that crumpled up basketball way of doing it, somehow I managed to wrap my leg around a desk and I FLEW over like 3 desks before crashing on the floor. The nurse wanted to check if I was drunk lol
  18. He pulled up his pants mid-piss? I understood lol.
  19. So me and my man are at this huge fucking kegger. I started the night pretty tired so I started off drinking vodka and red bull (two cans and a few shots worth because I over-filled and shit spilled everywhere and I am too poor to waste liquor), then started on the beer. This place was absolutely packed, and it was a big house and I'm following my man to the the garage when I hear this guy say "Hey, you smoke man?" And the guy he asked was like "no, sorry dude" and I'm like "Do YOU smoke?" And he's like "Let's go girl" so I grab my man and we head out to the back deck, which is also completely packed with people and smoke two fat ass blunts between us. After we finished the second one I had to piss, and they asked if I was good to go alone and I was just like "I'm always gooooood", in my most fucked stoner voice and then walk straight into the screen door. Everyone inside was staring at me and everyone on the deck just died and I did too and in between laughing fits everyone is like "Are you GOOD?" And I was just like, "bitch what did I just say!" And I very dramatically open the screen while everyone inside is just staring at me. Then about five minutes later my man did the same exact thing. It was great.

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    Two good laughs in one, nice one!
    Edit: I failed.. my story isn't even embarassing at all so no need to read it. I'll try again.
    Now to my story:
    I once was so high, when I wanted to register on gmail I didn't make it..
    First it took me something between 15 and 30 minutes to create a password because none was accepted.. I even tried something like      B!"u7._8z9s21o(HAb/82j-2o1      but it wouldn't accept that!?? 
    Then the next 10-20 minutes my thoughts went to how the password security check (length,symbol usage etc.) actually checks the password to tell if it's secure enough. Pretty interesting..
    After my pause I clicked on continue and google wanted a telephone verfication (they probably knew about the immense high I had and wanted some too?) aaaand I didn't do that because fuck you google and that's why I didn't get the gmail account.

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