The Most Embarassing Thing You've Done Stoned Before?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 420L, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. Asked an east indian fellow where the washrooms were in 7/11

    Turns out he didn't work there!

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  2. I think it was sophomore year of highschool and I was high as fuck off some brownies. That day there was this counselor in my science classroom walking around to see what everyone was doing and she was at our table and one of the questions on the paper was 'how many bonds are in hydrogen?' And she asked our table 'why do you need to know the number of bonds?' And I just burst out (literally yelled and only realized after how loud it was) 'yeah exactly, who cares!' Because I thought she was being funny. Turns out she really wanted an actual answer and everyone at my table just have me the weirdest look and she was so confused hahaha. It was embarrassing as shit.

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  3. Have you ever been so stoned you locked your keys in the car.... While the car was still on haha now that was awkward when the AAA guy came to unlock it. He asked how it happened and I laughed and pointed to my pipe that was on the passenger seat and he chuckled and said that we've all been there and then he unlocked my door and went off. Oh ya and all of this happened right out side of a chipotle so that didn't help hahaha
  4. OMG where do I start? Broken bongs and pipes, spilled weed, spilled bong water. Coughing all over a fine lady durning a sesh. Farting while trying to hold in a bong rip. Ok I'll stop there....
  5. Got out of my buddies car with the slide still on my lap..

    Stopped at a green light

    Jumped on a tire swing and ate total shit in front of these two babes..

    Set off my friends car alarm at a gas station.

    I'm very clumsy. :/

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  6. Oh, this one was just recently. I was at my boyfriends parents house, and I decided to smoke before I took a shower. Everything was cool, I felt great! So when I'm done, I go downstairs and start frantically looking through all my clothes, dumping bags and bags.. My boyfriend asks what am I doing. I tell him, I can't find my pants anywhere! They're literally gone! .. And that is when he looks right at me and says, "Alex, you're wearing them."
    ... I had no memory of puttung them on, and for some reason it didn't FEEL like I had pants on lol.

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  7. Standing up to walk to the toilet and falling over my own feet.
  8. After the kickback was over this chick hugged my friend and then she comes to me and I go in for a hug and she just walks away and my friend just laughs at me
  9. My friend and I were cruising and smoking. We were discussing what we would do if pulled over, and decided I should put the bag(with weed, and a blunt) in my boxers. Well I put it in there to see if you could see the bulge or feel it. We stopped at the dollar store to get drinks and eye drops. I forgot the weed was in my boxers and I was in an aisle with an old lady(about 65ish)

    It fell out from my shorts and landed on the ground. The old lady and I both looked at the bag on the floor then at each other. I picked up the bag and scurried away like a mouse. Haha
    lmfaooooo these are absolute gold
  11. honestly im scared to like this cause damn that wud suck

    Remember me? The one you stole your idea from.
  12. you didn't even help him 😂😂😂

    Remember me? The one you stole your idea from.
  13. These stories are hilarious!

    Anyways, one story I have is when me and my group of friends were smoking and passing the bong around when all of a sudden my friend starts coughing and wheezing and ends up going outside and so we continue to smoke and then the one friend who was coughing told us to come out there and i finally went out only to find out that he had threw up and then my other friend threw up from looking at his! Everyone was cracking up and after a while we started smoking again

    If someone isn't going to experience a whole other world through a joint because it's illegal, then they're going to live a pretty boring lifestyle
  14. . That sounds crazy man lol

    Let's get high 💨
  15. I waked and baked and went to my college class.. class was over and i was walking 2 blocks to a jack in the box.. i was on the left side of a street when a friend was on the right side of the street walking when im looking at my phone and SMACK i hit my head on a sign. The guy on the right side just keeps walking and looking
  16. LMAO!!! If i was with you I would have lost it right there falling on the floor laughing.
  17. Back when I had no tolerance I got backed as shitty fuck than had to do an class presentation and just laughed the whole damn time while everyone stared awkwardly..

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  18. I smoked a phat joint and got super stoned in the middle of the town, i went to a store to buy munchies (bought munchies for 100$, lol) and then im standing there to pay this woman that works there starts staring on me, and its like 7 people in the line. and she keeps repeating "Is this your dog?" and im super spaced, so im like wtf is she talking to me, so i say "No" and then the guy behind me says yes, she wasent looking on me at all, she were just saying it once and looking at the guy behind me, and later on i took a taxi home, (i lived 2 minutes away from the store)
  19. Like a month or so ago, I was making tea and spaghetti. I had my teacup right next to the stove, so I ended up emptying the spaghetti cheese powder shit into my tea.

    I even thought of making that mistake repeatedly beforehand, and I was like 'no! You're stoned but not stupid!', AHHHHH.
  20. I stood right next to a guy at a urinal in a library bathroom. It was just us two in the bathroom and there were like 20 other empty urinals. He looked at me with a what the fuck are you doing type of look and I was just like whats up bro. I was super baked, so I didn't give a single fuck.

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