The Most Embarassing Thing You've Done Stoned Before?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 420L, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. Hey GC,
    just chillen as always and was wonderin what you guys' most embarasssing moments were while stoned before.

    ill start with when i was super stoned i mean fuck, on new years and i went downstairs to take a huge shit and i flushed and thought it went down but it didnt but by that time i was already up stairs and the next day i wake up and try to use the bathroom and the fuckin thing is still there cloggin the fuckin pipe and everyone is like WTF!? and i had to take the blame for it because im ruler of the thrown at my house. haha pretty fucking embarassing/

    any one else?
  2. Fuck that's not embarrassing man take pride! haha no but really for me hmm.

    My most embarrassing (man that's a big complicated word) moment... well actually its my friends most embarrassing moment really but yeah same thing. Basically we were walking back to his house from my house after smoking. So anyways I don't remember the actual conversation but it went something like this:

    Me: Yeah dude?
    Friend: Yeah that stuffs pretty good
    Me: Your moms pretty good
    Friend: I'll cum on my mom! (Gross I know right?)
    Me: Dude what the hell?
    Friend: Naw its cool nobody's home!
    Me: Alright

    So my friend goes inside to grab us some drinks, I'm sitting on the steps waiting, and he comes out laughing and tells me his mom was right there but she was on the phone so he doesn't think she heard him?

    In my opinion she heard him but it was too awkward to say anything. :eek:
  3. Haha, damn that sucks dude. Whatever though, not like anybody can say they don't take shits. Haha.

    One of the worst things I've done (That I can remember) is forgetting how to play Rock Paper Scissors. I was doing fine for a while, and then I started throwing up gang signs I didn't even know existed, and I couldn't remember that there was a rock option.
    this was in front of my big brother and his friends, about a week ago. Haha.

    I've probably done more embarassing things, like ripping a hole in my jeans in the ass pocket because a cop pulled up and I hopped the fence behind me, come to find that it was a taxi. I had to walk home with a hole in my jeans, and my friends would not let me live it down for like, 2 months.
  4. I zoned out....then ate a booger :(. Didn't realize I did that until my buddy looks at me with one of those faces..."dude...did you just eat that?!"...."whhaaat.". Must of had the munchies...fuckin' shit
  5. i fuck up all the time
  6. Greened out on a public bus out of nowhere. I had just started smoking and was used to smoking low quality outdoor, and I went with a friend over to his dealers house to pick up the usual and the dealer and really crazy looking purple buds and overcharged but thought "Oh well its killer weed". Smoked countless bong loads there then smoked then hotboxed in my shed a few minutes later. Got on the bus and headed home. Everything was fine I was stoned out of my mind sitting at the back of the bus enjoying any bumps that came along. We hit this pretty big speed bump going maybe 85. No idea how the drived managed it but he did.. And BAM got some really intense nausea and about 3 seconds later projectile vomited against the back of the seat in front of me.

    The lady a seat over gave me one of those "WHAT IN THE FUCK" kind of faces and just looked forward with a screwed up expression on my face. Just glad my friends weren't there or I'd never live it down haha.
  7. i got so high before this presentation i had to do with my group in psychologist class..i basically looked high as fuck and alot of usually a good public speaker but my group leader was a fuckin bitch who tried to take all the credit..thank god my teacher got a crush on me..
  8. I went to my college class high, and my teacher knew it, and stood infront of my desk the whole class, and then asked to see me after class to let me know she doesnt appreciate me coming to her classes high. (shes an ex cop).
    It was cool after that tho but it was very embarrassing for me.
  9. im sure there are alot of embarassing things ive dont but not while high. so ill share one while i was, me and my brother and a few o his boys were going to go out and eat after we blazed a 1/8 of some OG Kush. i was sitting in the far left seat of the backseat of the car and i was trying to put on my seabelt but it wouldnt fit after literally 5 minutes of trying my brother finally tells me i was puttting on the seatbelt for the middle seat.....

  10. Lulz.
  11. i drank 1/5 of vodka in like 10 minutes and tried to go to my school to watch a soccer game. i ended up puking in this girls car and she rolled me out and drove away. i was probably 2 blocks from my school, but i couldnt stand up or walk. the police showed up, followed by an ambulance and then the soccer game ended so everyone was driving by while paramedics were covering me up with a blanket. when i went back to school everyone was like "oh, we thought you were dead" and all kinds of shit like that.
  12. You hit a speed bump going 85?
  13. holy shit! :eek: how fucked up is your car??
  14. Naww dude managed to pull a back flip out of it and landed clean... cars fine. ;)
  15. nice:)
  16. How much cash did you get for the extreme stunt bonus?
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  17. last year i had to give an english presentation high, and it was pretty emburassing
  18. I have two decent embarassment stories.

    I wasn't embarassed at the time, seeing as how stoned i was, but now that i look back I'm sorta embarassed. Ok, so i was in an icecream shop, and for some reason decided to skip out on Ice Cream and get hot tea, don't ask me why, i was really high. I was given the cup and needed to put it down so i could put the top on, once again i'm not sure why. So i try putting it down on the icecream freezer, and it was one with a horizontally sliding door and the door was open, i didn't realize that and pretty much almost spilled the cup in the freezer, luckily i caught myself before i did. The lady was pretty much like, "uhhh what the hell are you doing?" me being stoned just sorta ran out of the store.

    I was at the movie theatres one time and had a certificate for a free ticket pop and popcorn, perfect stoner certificate right? anyways, i give the guy my thing and just sorta sit there for a while, i was like uhh dude can i have my change, and then he was like uhhhhh, and i just started laughing my ass off cause i realized what i just said, and we both laughed for a while.
  19. Ok last night i Must of been Really fucked up or something cuz when i woke up today and got on my Email i got all these fucking adult sex site emails i must of been horny or something Lol i dont remember doin it. Then my freind looks over hes liek dude u need a GF.
  20. I once spent about 5 minutes trying to figure out how to open my friend's car door so i could get out because i forgot that i was sitting in the back seat of a two door car. The whole time my friends were just standing outside watching me and laughing.

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