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The most bud you've ever seen?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CulturalCoughee, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. So what's the most bud you have ever seen/ been in the same room with?

    I use to go with an old friend to his cousins, who was our last resort dealer, and we would chill and smoke blunt after blunt after philly during the late hours, listening to rap and their rhymes in his garage. One of the last times i chilled there he had 4-5 of those Huge black trash bags sitting by the wall. While we were playing poker he pulls one of them in front of him and opens it to show my friend. and my friend asks me if I want to see what 23lbs of bud looks like, so I take a look and the whole bag was full of square slabs of packed weed! 2-3 inch thick bricks! The smell was intoxicating..
    that was the first and probably the last (hopefully not) time i have ever seen that much weed. And to think he had the other bags sitting just feet away too..
  2. I don't know how much it was...but, it was at this dealers place in a large clear plastic bag that had been vac was the width of about two pillows, and about a metre tall.
    At a guess, I'd say 4 pounds or more.
  3. Most ive seen is like a pound, thats pretty sad, but i got too count 26000 dollars of drug money once fuck that was a big stack.
  4. like 2 or 3 pounds
  5. Only an ounce ..
  6. The most I've been in a room with was with a relative of my girlfriend. He took me to his grow room after selling me an 1/8th and he literally had 12-16 4ft plants all with big sticky buds on. It was to be ready to harvest in a couple of days. It was the first time I saw a grow and it's still the biggest I've seen so far.

    The man is awesome though, he always gives us free bud. He'a growing Sour D atm, excited isn't the word. :')
  7. I went and bought from my dealer right after he re upped and was sitting on a fresh pound bag. My face was pretty much Kumar's when he finds the Hippy Guy's stash in the cop shop :hello:
  8. The most I've seen at one time is in the drying room of the dispensary I work at, they get roughly 1.5lbs per light/ per harvest so thats about 30lbs per harvest and the drying room hold two harvests worth so it was probably around 60lbs total. We harvest every two weeks. Thats only one of them too, there is another one at the other grow facility that holds about the same maybe a little less. Those are the only two drying rooms I've been in but the company I work for operates 10 grow facilites so I assume all of them have their own drying room.
  9. 4 whole marijuanas.
    Old joke, I know...
  10. 5 pounds of shwag and maybe like 25 oz of chronic
  11. Most at once was probably like 5-6 pounds of some good chronic.
  12. umm probably only like 4 ounces
  13. prolly only about 3 lbs in actual bud.. I've also seen a friends grow who had about 8-10 outdoor plants all around 5 ft tall. Hella makes me want to try growing but I just don't have anywhere to do it :ssss
  14. 0.5 grams. Give me a break guys, I'm new to this.
  15. Saw a pound and a half. Plus a quarter of molly. Needless to say, I shit myself.
  16. When i was about 10 or 11 i went to this house party with the rents by my house

    I met up with my friends there and we go to the backyard and fucking jeezus there was AT LEAST 25 5-6 ft plants the whole backyard was just filled from corner to corner with plants that was ready to be harvested
  17. Half pound?
  18. 10 pounds buddy grew 8 or 9 massive plants, one of them had 2 and a half, maybe 3 pounds on it..faaaat buds
  19. 1 pound but it was all shake

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