The most baked youve ever been?

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  1. I'm just wondering what's the most baked you guys have ever been? What kind of weed was it? Dank? Mids? What was it like? Where were you? Were you alone or with other people? Can't wait to see what you guys got to share!

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  2. I got a quarter of dank and smoked it all but on the last bowl my friends dared me to bowl in one it, I did but when I breathed out had a coughing fit and threw up. I felt so fucked up almost trippin out but not quite

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  3. I was with my boyfriend and his best friend at his house and we were all taking geeb after Geeb of loud and I was just starting to drive and I started driving and almost wrecked my moms brand new car and had an anxiety attack lol
  4. Me and my room mate at the time decided to have a smoking olympics type thing. We both have 3 tries to smoke 5 bowls in the quickest time possible. In hindsight it was probably not the best of ideas. It was pretty strong sativa and we ended up eating raw taco shells out if the packet because we had the munchies big time. Played a bit of fifa afterwards and it was pretty much just kicking the ball from one end to the other, we didn't know what we were doing. My room mate still to this day refers to it as the night he though he had died.

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  5. Not quite sure. Probably when I used to smoke lots of weed and had weird dreams. One day I was waking up, I felt completely awake. I was laying on my bed completely paralyzed and couldn't even breath and I was being pulled up in the middle of the air and bending into myself. I was going crazy trying to breath and then I woke up, and I really felt like I was paralyzed. Lol, it seemed real though
    Probably got my highest back in those days
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    The most high I've ever been was at a hippy event called the Folk Festival in Canberra, when I was 16. At the time, I hardly ever smoked weed, so I had a very low tolerance.  A friend of mine sold me a hash brownie for $10 so  I figured I would eat it with my friends at the festival that same weekend. Considering I only paid $10 for it, I didn't think it would be strong at all... but how wrong I was.
    I ate the brownie at about 7pm. A few hours after eating it I realized I was very high. I saw trails behind moving objects and it became incredibly difficult to walk. My skin turned a pale whitish colour (i have brown skin) and I completely lost the ability to speak. As the night (and my high) progressed, I found I couldn't even understand the words that my friends were speaking to me; everything sounded like an incoherent jarble of nonsense.  I began to wonder whether there was something other than weed in my brownie, but as I was told later, it was just hash oil; and too much of it. In a brief moment of lucidity, I remember hearing a friend saying that I am "greening out". My eyes turned a bright demonic red and became so squinted it's a wonder how I could even see :p. I don't remember much else of that night... but my friend drove me home late that night.
    I woke early the next morning at around 6:30am and still felt noticeably high. I felt sober by 9am or so, but never again have I even come close to being that high since.    
  7. Back when I was still living in my apartment, we had an eighth of cheese. We started playing cards against humanity and the rules were every time your card didn't get picked, you took a drink, and every five cards you won (so at five cards, ten, fifteen, so on so forth) you got a hit out of the five foot bong we had. I schooled and ended up with thirty five cards when the game ended. I was cross faded af, it was great!

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    Back when i first started smoking me and a friend made a waterfall bong and loaded it with mids.

    I took the first go, apply lips, inhale 1... 2... 3... exhale. Okay that was good, let's reload the bowl so my buddy can take a hit.

    "We've been here a while man" says I

    "It's only been 5 minutes dude, you literally took your hit 30 seconds ago"

    Whoa okay, so i'm fucking BAKED. I can barely hold my head straight, i'm trying to reload the bowl for my homeboy but i can't judge depth.
    He loads the bowl and hits it.

    We're both super duper high, we both try to get up and walk down the block of stairs we were sitting on at the time, it took us half an hour to get down maybe like 30 steps.

    We decide to go shop to get some gummy worms, we almost get run over on the way, somehow we end up in a chinese food place and i order some chicken chow mein and sit down.
    We both forget what we're doing and cos the world is rocking back and forth, we naturally assume that we are on a pirate ship.
    Anyway, i ate the food, it was dank.
    The End.
  9. One time some sour D out of a bong, you know how theres a whole logic to reality when your sober? It dissapeared during that high and freaked me the fuck out to the point of having to take a cold shower just to calm down. Never underestimating my bud again.  
  10. probably my first blunt it was rolled really shitty but it did the fuckin trick
  11. I overdabbed some really strong shatter at a 420 party and greened out. It was embarrassing.
    As for bud, it was buddah thai infused with an unmentionable. I could not hear the alarm clock in the morning because I was so freakin high and then I would get fired.
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    Couple of years ago smoked decent sized bud in a hurry from the bong and thought the batman was about to appear at my window, I`m not really into superheros and was not kid that time as well but seriously I was afraid of seeing batman, It was some landrace strain from village farmer good times  :smoke:
  13. Me and a few friends stayed at a cabin in the woods for two nights.
    We had half and ounce of some of the dankest shit I remember and a ton of beer.
    We spent all 48 hours stoned and wasted out of our minds.
    I just remember a blur of cheesy stoner movies, lots of Pink Floyd playing and accidentally spilling bongwater on my dick.
  14. first time trying dabs, definitely... had been smoking all day, it was either blue dream or girl scout cookies iirc... and we finished making them...after a few of those on top of what we'd been doing all day, melted into the couch watching a documentary about russian prisons.
    after that has to be hanging out with my managers and coworkers after work one night when i had a job at papa johns...we just sat around watching something, some mid-90s movie but i can't remember which...was bad enough around 4 am that i wasn't sure i could drive... but thank goodness for doing things until they become damn near instinct!
  15. When I was 17, at my friends house, I took about 5 dabs, multiple bong rips of dry bud, and a few joints and blunts, was feeling nice and baked.
  16. Took a gravity hit on a party in my younger days. Went inside the house and sat down in the couch. People around me are talking like trumpets. There's a couple next to me, dude sounds just like Pepé le Pew talking to her about how he's gonna conquer her. Birthday dude was walking around sweating and tripping the F out. I'm thinking s*hit didn't he just smoke what I smoked. Now I'm tripping. Found out he was drunk as hell.

    Good old days.

  17. Cookie high
    So one day I wanted to go balls to the wall and really see just how psychedelic weed can be. I was planning on having a whole cookie. But my friend talked me down to 2/3rds because this batch of medical he got was way more potent. Like he only eats medical edibles to get high, and a 1/4th had him BAKED. Never the less I still wanted to do this. Boy was I in for a ride.
    At first the high was wonderful and is deffinatly my favorite fun tusk high I have ever had. After about an hour and twenty minutes I was seeing a red and purple pattern over top of everything I saw. It's kinda like looking at something through a window with a picture drawn on it. I was also was hearing music in the back of my mind and sounds. The sounds are different though Because it's like a loud whisper when I don't focus on it, It doesn't bother me though because I can manipulate it and choose the song or noise I want to hear, or just cancel it out until I focus on something else.
    Without warning I hit the peak. Suddently the pattern became a lot less elegant in its shape, it filled into a harsh jagged pattern and then go back to being elegant. It's like it was breathing in certain sections at a time. Also the sounds started to get ever so louder. I was also feeling hotter and hotter until I started sweating. I remember that taking shower helps out with getting out of a funky high.
    So I got up and excused my self, then out of no where it hit me. I lost my balance. I had hardly any control of my body, it took as much focus as possible to move one leg and then the other to stay up. Id imagine that I was stumbling around like drink sumo wrestler in his stance. But I couldn't really tell because everything was hard to analyze. The noise went to that fuzzy noize like on the radio. I also couldn't see anything but that pattern from earlier. The pattern was actually quite beautiful but everything else was just blank.
    After what felt like 2 minutes instead of a quick 10 seconds I decided to sit down and ride it out. After a minute I decided to just ride it out. Not going to lie it scared me at first because I wasn't expecting something like this at all. After a minute it suddenly backed off and I was just as high as I were right before the peak for quite a while.
    I also ended up being high for a good 15 hours off only that. But then I had a good rip or two from a bong! Honestly I'm looking forward to trying even more because this time I'll actually be ready! :)
  18. i was at my friend's and there was a group of people.  i didn't know some of them but shared with everyone the batch of brownies i brought.  i had one and didn't feel anything for a while so i took a second one.  then a third.  then a fourth.  it took at  least an hour for the high to kick in.  i haven't smoked in a while so maybe my tolerance was lower than usual.  i had my eyes closed and i thought i had my arms above the sofa seats but i open my eyes to see that they're just resting on my sides.  one of the sober friends drive us to mcdonalds.  they have a buy one get one big mac deal...  burgers, fries, and sizzling coke back at the place, watching basketball.  time go to home.  i walk up the stairs to the door and i feel like i'm almost floating.  houses look animated.  the distinct shapes like triangles for roofs and squares for the build of the house become more apparent and the surrounding feel is like i'm in a 2d world.  on the ride home, i saw cop cars and thought shit, it's 2 am, we definitely look suspicious somehow, and they're going to search the car and he's going to check out my backpack and open it to find brownies.  how the fuck am i going to explain brownies in a backpack?.  that was the first time i felt so paranoid when high.  got home and knocked out.  i was high until next day.  i slept through most of the day, only waking up to eat.  i've heard about how long other people have been high for and have been skeptical until these brownies.  i vape and my high runs for about 2 hours, but brownies...
  19. Like a few months ago me and some friends got together to smoke. It was about 4 of us and we each brought 4 blunts. So we smoked them all back to back with no breaks between them. By the end of the sesh i was so baked to the point my vision was super blurry and i felt i was going to pass out. Needless to say, i have never been that high in my life


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