The Most Awkward Thing Ever. . .

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  1. Aight aight,
    so basically.. He can't fit his d in my p.
    What the hell do I do?
    Do I cry?
    I'm like 5'3 for life so I can't like grow out of it.

  2. lots o lube girlie. you a virgin?
  3. Let him warm you up with his fingers first. Then lube up and your ready to go! Sincerely,Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man
  4. Razor blade. ..jk
  5. your p is a muscle.. its expands and contracts with time or concentrated, long periods of sex.. my vote is let him use his fingers with plenty of lubrication and give it some time while you increase the amount of volume your p can hold.... lol.. 
  6. Been there, done that and can pretty much agree its the most awkward thing ever lol. But, my experience has shown that it CAN fit if you try hard enough- it just won't be fun for a while...and that can be pretty awkward too Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. not that awkward…don't worry
  8. Let him (or me) stretch you out with his fingers and then your "p" will be ready for the "d"!
  9. No, what is awkward is what happened to a buddy and his new virgin GF in HS.
    His parents were gone and we were having a small couples party at his house.  After a while, everyone ended up in a bedroom doing their own thing.  Now my buddy was what you would call "hung like a horse".  So while we are all in various states of undress, we hear him yelling from his parents room.  The guys, not really caring that we were in our underwear or less all came running.
    It seems he had managed to penetrate her to the point where she passed out.  And he was freaked.  So here we are in the room with her laying on the bed stark naked passed out.  Soon in came the girls and being somewhat embarrassed for her ushered all the guys out.
    She would not look at any of the guys that were there in the eyes for weeks.  He did end up marrying her and whenever a group of us get together, someone always brings it up and even almost 30 years later, she still turns bright red.
  10. If fingers don't work get a tapered toy. You can just keep sizing up slow but sure.
  11. Get stretches for your vagina.
  12. Agreed. Water-based lubricant and a lot of finger/toy action is your best bet. LOTS of foreplay, and you'll be good to go!
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    Hopefully, you're just a n00b and you just need foreplay and lube.
    Otherwise, it's and you seriously don't want to have to deal with that.. but you could talk to a dr.

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