The most annoying song ever -literally-

Discussion in 'General' started by GolgiApparatus, Feb 7, 2009.

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    Scientific attempt to create most annoying song ever.

    click the link for the stream

    it is pretty unpleasant really.

    EDIT: especially at 3 minutes oh god this is annoying
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    The beginning is actually quite pleasant

    Edit:::Oh my lord...

    Opera rapping.

    Anyone got a gun?
  3. ...Oh god...

    The vocals are literally painful.

    I'm gunna get people high and start playing this.
  4. i enjoyed it, while baked
  5. its like a compressed high dose acid trip in public.
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    Clearly Vitaly Komar, Alex Melamid and David Soldier haven't heard Linkin Park's new album:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Linkin Park - Given Up[/ame]

    I think they missed the boat.
  7. I'm hungover from last night and I'm kinda enjoying this, I think those scientists failed.

  8. lol, at first I read that as Oprah rapping. I started listening to it and never heard oprah and was like :(
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    It's not that annoying actually. Just interesting, and kind of trippy. Except for the part with all the kids screaming in the background, that pissed me off.

    edit: haha, this gave me and idea though. i havemy friend's ipod over here, and he wanted me to put some new music on it. i'm gonna download the mp3 of that song, and put it under an artist's name already under there, see if he notices.
  10. ^ what he said about trippy was right. dude if you listened to that on acid it would be the funniest thing ever, than after about a minute it would make you go crazy hhaa,

    it wasnt so annoying, until the kids started singing aha. it was just boring up until that point
  11. I expected a lil wayne song.
  12. So far it's just boring

    Hahaha actually I'm laughing my ass off hahahahaha
  13. The beginning is pretty good, but wow did it go downhill. It was not essentially annoying, just sounded poor. When i heard annoying i was thinking of some electronic piece repeating a high pitch sound over and over and over....
  14. dammit i wish i didn't spill a soda on my stereo:(
  15. I kinda liked it :D

    Specially the opera rapping, bloody tops
    I didn't find it annoying at all.
  16. i think it was kinda funny.
  17. Lol I kinda enjoyed it. If someone was bumping that shit at a party of course you'd get pissed, but definitely not the shittiest music ever. For that, my freinds, I would refer you to Coheed and Cambria.
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    hahaha opera rapping is awesome! the part after the bagpipes had me pissing my pants!!! haha

    edit: these walmart kids are killin me...but the tuba makes up for it haha
  19. That would be sooooo intense on shrooms or acid hahaha I'm planning on doing that.
  20. I thought it meant Oprah rapping....then i relized it was Opera rapping :(

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